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Re: The general happiness thread

I could move your comments to the unhappiness thread if you'd like, Jaga. I already unlocked it for you, and we don't delete posts here unless they're exceptionally toxic (as in, encouraging terrorism/making open threats of violence/other equally uncivilized things).

I agree with everything you've said. You're right, there should be room for open, civil discussion from all perspectives. :) As I mentioned, it was only locked to keep people from bumping it every few weeks for no other reason than to say, "hey look, nobody's posted here! All the unhappiness must be gone!" I had planned to unlock it again after it fell to the second page so people wouldn't bump it without reason anymore, but it seems I forgot about it as well. :P I can assure you it wasn't intentional.
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Re: The general happiness thread

Thank you for the consideration Talvieno. I'm not a particularly negative person, but I did want to emphasize that despite all the positivity, there should still be a sense of urgency behind everything done to LT. Feel free to do whatever you like with the off-topic un-positive posts here. It makes little difference, now that there is a place for them elsewhere. I'll hop over there now and post some thoughts, both good and bad.

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