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Re: The general happiness thread

Grumblesaur wrote:
Zanteogo wrote:
JanB1 wrote:'re questioning if Josh will deliver in the end? :eh:

I don't plan to get into a massive debate about it because I do like the "good vibes" we have going on here. Plus as I said, I have lost the concern of him actually releasing any end product or not now. I will of course pick up any end product he comes out with.

My reasoning's, if you really need to know, are based on two massive disappearances he had. Again, I don't plan on debating this and do not plan to clarify this further. No offence intended.
Pragmatic though this "I'll believe it when I see it" stance may be, I feel there are heaps of ways to meta-argue about why you don't want to have an argument.

Anyway, I won't go too deep into that. :twisted:

Things are now (on our end) more as they were prior to Josh's first flight below the radar, although a change in methodology is evidenced subtly in his more recent logs.

Earlier logs had a great focus on notes about programming tricks, visual features, and details about game features. The most recent ones (post ajoshalypse), in addition to Josh's remarks elsewhere on the forums, have discussed more of his process, work-life balance, simulation optimizations, and real-life demonstrations of Limit Theory. While it's still next-to-impossible to glean whether we're closer to 0% or 100% on the great LT loading bar, I have a good feeling we'll reach 100%.

It's understandable to be disillusioned about the outcome of something this big with so many setbacks, but I think now, more than ever before, Limit Theory is more a matter of "when" than "if".
^ This.

Couldn't have said it any better. Exactly my thoughts Grumblesaur.
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