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Re: The General Unhappiness Megathread

I'm putting on my modding shoes now.

This thread is a thread for venting unhappiness. It doesn't matter whether you think people are repeating themselves. It doesn't matter if you think Josh is going to keep from posting because of his anxiety. Josh is a big boy. He can handle not looking at the thread. That's the whole point of it: collecting it all into one place so that anyone that doesn't want to look at it, doesn't have to. It's also easier to keep track of and keeps it from spreading all over the forum. Attacking people that are posting here defeats the purpose.

I've gotten reports of people harassing others both here and in PM. It stops now. Rule #1 of these forums is:
1. Be respectful.
Personal attacks on other forum members will absolutely not be tolerated. If you are offended by another users' post or conduct, try to contact that user directly to peacefully resolve the issue. In most cases a single PM can solve misunderstandings quickly. If you do not succeed, please contact a moderator for assistance.
Harassing people just because they're upset and complaining is unacceptable and goes against the forum mindset and policies. Moreover, it doesn't actually do anything except make unhappy people even unhappier - except this time it's not with Josh, it's with the community. That's worse, in my opinion.

I'm locking this thread, but will very soon open up a new one with the same purpose. In the new thread, I'll lay down a set of ground rules in the first post. If these rules are broken, you can expect a warning or temporary ban. Please do not attempt to open a thread on these topics in the meantime.
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