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Re: Release Date?

Why is this in creative writing, too? This is probably the least creative (unoriginal) thread type there is. :3
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Re: Release Date?

Welcome to the LT forums, sakej99. :wave:

I was hoping for the beta of the game as a Christmas delight to play but as my middle name is the male version of Pollyanna it may just be wishful thinking on my part. ;)

Stick around for a promised update on game development... soon ish. :angel:

Re: Release Date?

BFett wrote:
Not Zanteogo wrote:
DigitalDuck wrote: Fun fact: Fauntleroy is Donald Duck's middle name.
What is mini's? thanks.

l you
Her full name is Minerva "Minnie" Mouse, so Minnie would be Minnie's middle name.
No, that's a title. Hence the quotes.

Re: Release Date?

BFett wrote:The day appeared as most days do. Quite, unannounced, normal. Then in an instant a message appeared in the announcement thread. The date and time of the beta was set in stone. The day for release was soon to become known to all.

A short story about the release date
I'm mainly a lurker...been one for several years. But this post made me get excited! But then I realized it was a short story...after searching the forums and coming up empty. Awwww man... :oops: On another note I do enjoy reading the forum posts. All of them: good, bad, and ugly. I pop in 2 or 3 times a week to see what's new. :mrgreen:

I have no reason to post any of this. Just thought I would. :D

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