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LT Periodic Table of Members

It came up in IRC, and I thought it would actually be really cool if core LT forum members were included in LT as Elements and ores that would populate throughout all vanilla universes in addition to the procedural ones :D So in order of post count:

Cornflakes_91: Flakarium 91
Victor Tombs: Victorium
Talvieno: Talvium
DWMagus: Magusite
JoshParnell: Joshite ; Parnellium ; Nodium
Dinosawer: Dinosium
Flatfingers: Flatrium
ThymineC: Thymacite
Gazz: Gazzerite
Lum: Lumium
Scytale: Scylatite
Katorone: Katorium
HowSerendipitous: Serendium
Idunno: Idunnium
Grumblesaur: Grumbellium
Hyperion: Hyperium
Charley_Deallus: Deallasium
BFett: Fettrium
Cha0zz: Chaozite
Katawa: Katawite
Silverware: Argentinium :ghost:
Just_Ice_au: Justicite
Slymodi: Slymidrium
Zanteogo: Zanatite
DigitalDuck: Dukarium
Etsu: Etsutrium
McDuff: Duffinium
Poet1960: Poetrium 60
TanC: Tancarite
AbhChallenger: Abachite
Baile nam Fonn: Bailium
Mistycica: Cicarite
outlander4: Landium 4
Behemoth: Behemite
TGS: Tegesium
FormalMoss: Mossrium
darker70: Darkarium 70
N810: Narium 81
Rabiator: Rabiator: Rabitrium
mcsven: Svenium
Hardenberg: Hardenbergium
Vartul: Vartullium
Seryth Nortra: Serythrium
Skyflighter: Skyflium
Kambalo: Kambalite
light487: Liggthium 48
Tom: Tomite
Philip Coutts: Couttium
Shuul: Shulium
Commander McLane: Miclanite
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Re: LT Periodic Table of Members

Grumblesaur wrote:
Silverware wrote:Silverware: Argentinium :ghost:

Yes :D
So you're from South America now, is that it? Silver is already argentum.
No, no, no, I *OWN* South America now. :D
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Re: LT Periodic Table of Members

I don't have enough posts to make it into the list. lol

This would be cool though.
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Re: LT Periodic Table of Members

My name is already used for something, so meh...

also I couldn't find my name in that list... is it because I have a very very very tiny post count? (155) :think:
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