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Re: Official Potential Eventual Limit Theory Party Thread

I would expect that the amount of time and money expenditure required for Josh to hold an Official Limit Theory Party on a different continent would be almost prohibitive of a party happening at all. In other words: at some point, the difficulty may be so great that it becomes not worth the effort regardless of the percentage of people in a particular area, and would make more sense to simply not have a party, depending on the location of both the developer and the largest concentration of fans.

Of course, I'm not in charge of Josh's party, but that's about how I see it. I imagine Josh will be incredibly busy before/after release. I can't imagine him having the time to set all of this up, especially if there was the difficulty of holding it on an entirely different continent than the game was originally developed. It makes much more sense to simply say, "If you want to be at the party, come be at the party", because this lessens the difficulty by spreading it among a large number of people in the same way that it's easier to walk on thin ice if you place your feet farther apart, thus further distributing your weight over a larger area.

It just makes sense. You never hear of someone holding a launch party anywhere other than near their studio, likely for this exact reason. If Josh lived in Europe, I would not at all be surprised to learn I would be unable to get to the launch party unless I lived in Europe or was willing to travel there.
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Re: Official Potential Eventual Limit Theory Party Thread

Talvieno wrote:I can't tell when anyone is being serious anymore. :D Actually I just thought it would be best to get my viewpoint out in the open now rather than later.
Sorry - I was also just messing around with you. I thought all the emoticons would be a sure sign.

Obviously I agree with Dino - a European party would be organized by europeans.

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Re: Official Potential Eventual Limit Theory Party Thread

CSE wrote:
Talvieno wrote: Obviously I agree with Dino - a European party would be organised by Europeans.
Correct. Because we know the continent and know, where you could do such stuff. Companies that want to do conferences on another continent don't plan it all themselves. They hire people to do it for them. Same with us. Only that he doesn't have to hire us, because we're part of the fanbase. :D
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Re: Official Potential Eventual Limit Theory Party Thread

Talvieno wrote:Hard to believe it's already been a year. Anybody still interested in doing one of these?
I'm contemplating coming to GA to kidnap you, and you ask if I'm still interested in driving for a full day for a party. :lol:

JanB1 wrote:
Talvieno wrote:
JanB1 wrote:But why the US? :think:

Most likely because that's where Josh lives. :P
That's...a reason. Not a really strong one, but a good one. :roll:
And because I can't drive across the ocean? :P

I always imagined that Josh would be in hiding during the launch party so we'd all just have to show up at the same time and exclaim 'SURPRISE!' in order to make it happen. :lol:
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