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Re: Proof

FormalMoss wrote:
Hyperion wrote:
Dinosawer wrote:I'm fairly sure some of us would absolutely gush over 2d renders of the universe working. I know I would :wave:
I'd need a tissue 8-)
How about a hug instead with this nice fluffy warm towel?
.. or am I missing something..?
It's a guy thing. And now you know too much ;)
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Re: Proof

JoshParnell wrote:
CSE wrote:This ship could have some diversity, however. Many southern white american males- judging by their names :twisted:
:lol: :lol: It does seem to be a culturally-boring ship :ghost:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Can i haz screenshot of the actual game? :3
(Assuming theres something visual available again...)
Soon, my child, sooooooooon :monkey: Yes there's something visual. It's a 2D rendering of the LTverse so that I can continue bringing over the simulation and see that it's behaving. It's embarrassing and I refuse to post it until the 3D frontend is online (I mean, the engine is already capable of 3D rendering, I just haven't brought the algorithms and shaders over yet). I've been neglecting the 3D side in favor of bringing over the mechanics / simulation / AI. This is a good thing IMO...for once I'm not giving graphics priority :ghost:


Also, e-cookie for anyone who finds the 'circle' in that little story......

Josh I will not deny that at times have lost faith with this project ... but something inside me wants to continue believing .... I hope you do not miss us and soon we see that you show something that leaves us with open mouth .. .
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Re: Proof

Coming after a long time. Wanna see how things are going. Seams too slow to progress i guess. Well, back then i backed 2 games but i missed LT to back on kickstarter. The other 2 games have finally came out on steam. But LT...
Just hope it will come out some day and i get the chance to play it.

Re: Proof

JoshParnell wrote:
Lemar wrote:Aaaannnnddddd does it compile? How many compiler errors are you fighting coding warrior :mrgreen:

6/24/16 - 15:21:35 // FLT COMM CH01 : ENS. PARNELL : "Hostile confirmed; I've a lock on target, awaiting orders -- "

6/24/16 - 15:22:05 // PERSONAL LOG : ENS. PARNELL : What the hell is that thing?? I've never seen anything like it. But the admiral is tough. He'll get us through this. Right? He'll get us through. God, I miss my family.

6/24/16 - 15:22:10 // PERSONAL LOG : ADM. PARNELL : It's been smooth sailing for weeks out in this sector, and yet a rogue void* has suddenly appeared on the r-value flank, with no warning. From whence did it come? What are its intentions? I dare not upset the morale of my crew. I must remain calm and strong. They needn't know how dire this situation may be. They needn't know of the void* or the fearsome progenitor...the void**. I only pray that she does not arrive to support this stray pointerling. We will have no choice. No, they needn't know of these horrors. If this is the end, we will not go quietly into the night. But I've yet a few tricks up my sleeves.

6/24/16 - 15:22:40 // FLT COMM CH01 : ENS. PARNELL : "Cast cannons charged to 120%, diverting 50% power draw from life support to shield frequency modulator -- don't breath too heavily for a few minutes, gentlemen, we need shields more than you need a therapeutic deep breath."
6/24/16 - 15:22:55 // FLT COMM CH01 : LT. PARNELL : "Cut the chatter ensign. Admiral, we're ready to fire a cast on your mark."
6/24/16 - 15:23:09 // FLT COMM CH01 : ADM. PARNELL : "Copy that lieutenant. Let it fly. Let's show this son of a ***** what static typing is all about."

Code: Select all

6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_3 firing round at 120% charge, auth code LT. PARNELL
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG //           _. auxiliary capacitors discharing ._
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_1 firing round at 120% charge, auth code LT. PARNELL
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_4 firing round at 120% charge, auth code LT. PARNELL
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_1 reported failure to depolarize charge; subsystem powering down
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_5 firing round at 120% charge, auth code LT. PARNELL
6/24/16 - 15:23:15 // SYS LOG // CASTCANNON_9 firing round at 120% charge, auth code LT. PARNELL
6/24/16 - 15:23:20 // FLT COMM CH01 : LT. PARNELL : "CASTS AWAY!! One cannon blown from damage; we have 4 charges en route to target. Get on that repair ensign, I need my cannons up."
6/24/16 - 15:23:30 // FLT COMM CH01 : LT. PARNELL : "It's a hit!! Damage to enemy looks critical..."
6/24/16 - 15:23:38 // FLT COMM CH01 : ENS. PARNELL : "COMFIRMED! EM signature rapidly decaying, grav sensors picked up merging core oscillation. That thing's toast."
6/24/16 - 15:23:50 // FLT COMM CH01 : ADM. PARNELL : "Good job men. Another story for folks back at Freeport 7."


Good to go, back down to 0 :)

In all seriousness, LT basically always compiles these days since A) It's Python and it's difficult to screw up in python badly enough to get run-time errors that you can't fix in 30 seconds and B) The platform that launches everything, performs the JITing and other native functionality changes very little compared to LT. As you can see compile errors in the actual C++ are rare and usually benign, thanks to the fact that I'm not having to do incredibly fancy stuff (like a billion macros to make C++ reflection work, more macros and templates to make flyweights work efficiently, etc...these things are trivial in Python)!
Such beautiful colours, much nice font. Wow. :D

Re: Proof

JoshParnell wrote:Fair enough, I can understand all viewpoints expressed in the thread so far (with the exception of TGS's 'nil' expectations for this game -- come on now!)

I use dropbox for my version control (wait, what?). Yeah, seriously, consider it: I have like 4 different machines at the moment, and I need code to be current across all of them. At the same time I need the ability to rollback. Dropbox makes both easy (you pay an extra $15 or something like that per year to get an entire year's worth of version history regardless of how many versions there are or how big the file is....that's kind of amazing). The moment I save a file it's as though I've committed a new version, which is immediately available on other machines. Yes, this is awesome for a solo developer. No, don't try this on a team or many people will be angry.
ltheory version history.pdf
pyengine version history.pdf

so as someone who does a fair bit of coding myself, have you considered using a local git repo on top of dropbox? Dropbox is great and all, but managing all of the data can get quite complex quite quickly, also reversion is a lot more difficult in dropbox as you don't have any contextual information along with the change (e.g. "This fixes XYZ", or "Adding feature A"). Further branching and merging aren't possible when using dropbox, as it only keeps a singular timeline.

As for the file changes, the number of times to save a file doesn't exactly indicate the size of the deltas from version A to version B. Al it states is that you have hit the save button. For example, I could show you that I have hit the save button on a file 1k times, but only really made 300 useful changes to the file.

Just my 2c.

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