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Re: What stage is LT currently at?

Talvieno wrote:
Cornflakes_91 wrote:I have no pics, the white elephant would be a server with 64 xeon dual core 1.2ghz processors, 800gb ram and a massive 24kw power supply.
Which would cost me 30 bucks a day in electricity.
This sounds awesome.
Turn it on only on the weekends!
Your days would be full of how many headless LT games you could run simultaneously :)
Then again, if they stayed talking together, it could be the first true AI in existence...

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Re: What stage is LT currently at?

OK, seeing a bit of angst so minor update time again:

Last week brought several major breakthroughs that led to a huge leap in the completion of the mysterious platform upon which LT now lies. It is actually quite different than I expected, but everything that I've done, all the engineering, re-engineering, and various weird tech ideas that I've played with since the beginning seem to have somehow come together in a flurry and led me to the final result, and I'm really pleased and excited about it, both from a technical standpoint (yes, there's some very cool tech underlying that which makes the engine and game both performant and manageable), but also from a content authoring & gameplay standpoint. Fundamentally, it's EASY. Both engine and game work are easier even than writing LTSL was, but orders of magnitude more performant. Finally the tech investment pays off!

I think, when I reveal this final 'new LT' and the architecture underneath it, I will get some :wtf: :? reactions followed by :shock: and then :think: :o :o and, finally, ending in :clap: :thumbup: :D :squirrel: :squirrel: :squirrel: .

Best part is, I am now at the point where I can concurrently develop any pieces that I wish, be it engine, game, or the platform on which it all rests. So yes, game code is in the works concurrent to the finalization of the platform. It's pretty elegant how they can be developed concurrently, but in time you'll all get the details on that! I wouldn't have been capable of writing this solution years ago -- perhaps not even half a year ago, so, as strongly as I regret the fact that LT still isn't on you guys' hard drive, I think the timing happened to work very strongly to LT's advantage.

Good news is good news :) Still being stealthy, but man am I seeing the light lately.
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