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Re: Why I've Mostly Halted Responding to Personal Communicat

Slymodi wrote:
Silverware wrote:They say 500 images speaks enough words to fill in the three missed months of dev logs.

*hint* *hint*

I hope that's subtle enough.
FTFY :ghost:

FTFY (:V {
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Re: Why I've Mostly Halted Responding to Personal Communicat

As much as I don't entirely disagree with the idea of appointing someone, I do think that it is some what presumptuous of us to be dictating whether Josh should do that. At this point if he wants to do that he should do it on his own term. I don't think we should be nominating people or pushing.

Personally my view is that if he can take the time to give weekly reports to a person who then can translate that report into a post on the forum (or anywhere for that matter) then he can just as easily do that himself. If he can't do that himself now, then it's a good bet he can't reliably do it via a third person as well.

Re: Why I've Mostly Halted Responding to Personal Communicat

Victor Tombs wrote:Well, you will be pleased to know that even if Josh doesn't add a comment he is actively reading what we are saying. I was minding my own business during another night of sleep deprivation when that red jacket appeared right here in this thread. :D

I'm happy to see him taking an interest in our words again. The coding warrior appears to be mending well. :angel:
Indeed. I just don't really wanna see him fuss over communication channels at this point, as he'll have to get pretty insane on the communication front when Beta starts whether he likes it or not. Thus the nature of beta lol.

I've just always found communicating through a third party to be redundant unless you actually need some filtration or you are very bad at PR and thus need someone to jazz things up converting raw information to something more useful. Josh has never had too much trouble doing that himself so to me it would just seem like an unnecessary added step if that makes any sense. It could help alleviate the anxiety if that ever became an issue again, but at the same time once that starts creeping up it is no longer an issue that adding an intermediary for the community would resolve. That's my take anyway.

It is good to know though that he still cares, not that I ever doubted his caring. If anything he cared too much. So with that I think Josh needs a...
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Re: Why I've Mostly Halted Responding to Personal Communicat

DWMagus wrote:Cornflakes said it best already. :P

Also, if someone was appointed a communications manager, they'd probably just say the same thing most of diehard fans already say -- "He's working on it"
Exactly! I'd say hire a "Yes-Man"



"Is Josh still planning on releasing LT?"


"Squirrels or Ghosts?!"


"Toilet paper facing towards or away from you?"


"Is Josh Kill!?"

"Ye-NO! NO!"

Okay, instead of a yes-man, just someone(Ladies included!) who says everything is going just great!
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