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Re: Space Station Bicycle?

kaeroku wrote:It just occurred to me, the space station image in the most recent post on Josh's weblog looks an awful lot like a bicycle on it's side...

Just a thought ^-^
Yeah, I definitely need to work on those radial pieces >.<
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Re: Space Station Bicycle?

does space stations have to be "realistic"? the way you have segments with struts in between seem a lot like the real deal (iss) and i dont see how making stations out of large boxes and compact pieces like in many sci fi movies and games (eve, x3) and put docking bays on them. the way we have seen stations seems like its getting quite repetative and seems more like an outpost or minor medical or storage fascility (not size, design). if this is aleredy planned or not happening at all (like ever ever), ignore this post.

i hope my english isnt as terrible as i think :).

Re: Space Station Bicycle?

Great. A Space Station with a horn. :P
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