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I miss you josh, We all do.

First of all, i was not one of the many people to write on this forum. But as I saw how certain people reacted to Josh's disappearance, and to the moderators choices and i had to pour my heart out. I don't know what happened to Josh, I don't even know if somebody does on there. But why he disappeared is not the important part, if he does not want to tell us, it's his choice, and i will not argue or speculate on the reason why he is not there.
To all who have overly criticized his disappearance, I am a ashamed, although I understand why they would do that (I could have been part of those), and at first it could have been justified. But realize that it is NOT like that that Josh will EVER want to come back to the forum.

So i write this post in the hopes that Josh would read it and would feels better if he does. I have been a fan of all space/sci-fi games since i was a kid (i'm 20 now), I've played ARES from ambrosia, star wars racer, the escape velocity series, then I discovered X3, i was amazed with that game, so complex and had so many features. Out of ALL the games i've been looking at, THIS game is the one that i find has the most potential, along with" no man's sky".

I have been following the forum daily for the last year and a half, and i ended up doing so weekly in those last month, when Josh had disappeared every time in the hope that I would see a "JOSH IS BACK" topic. And although i'm disappointed that i never see this thread, i do not want to loose hope, i want him back so bad. He was the first thing i would check on every morning, and i was so interested in all of his work.

I'm really sad not to see you on the forum any more Josh, and i do not think that locking yourself in your bubble is a positive thing, for you or for anyone that has a downturn in their lives. Just know that there are still many people on here that are waiting on you, always exited to see news on you and your work, even if certain are mostly silent, like me.

I miss you Josh, we all do.
Hope you are well. Come back soon.

Re: I miss you josh, We all do.

I'm sure Josh appreciates your words, Ownez, expressed as they are in a kind and from the heart manner. :) I can give you no comforting words which will help you through this difficult time.

I won't apologise for acknowledging your post and saying I regret what has happened with this self enforced silence we have been treated to by Mr Parnell. If I had anything to tell the Community which did not betray any promise I have given to Josh I would have disclosed it by now. At the present I have no more idea than you about what is going on.

There is a fair chance that our senior moderator knows more than I but I can't be sure. I have no doubt this thread will end up being locked like several before it but I'm unrepentant about the concerns I have expressed here.

I am still of the opinion that Josh Parnell is aware of the support and genuine concern being expressed in posts such as yours. Which makes his silence very strange indeed. :angel:

Re: I miss you josh, We all do.


im starting to get slightly upset with the current frequency of updates.


If i could express myself in more then 2 sentences it would sound pretty much like your post Ownez. :thumbup:
But oh well the time of rants etc. is over (since everything has been discussed to death), only the patient ones will survive. :geek:
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Re: I miss you josh, We all do.

NonBritGit wrote:Of course I don't know Josh well enough to miss him, but I wish him well where ever he is. Things that are important in life are family, health and happiness. LT may no longer be a part of that for Josh.
You don't know how much I hope you are wrong about the Limit Theory bit, NonBritGit. I would be more upset about LT failing than certain other high profile projects I've supported. :angel:

Re: I miss you josh, We all do.

How have I not replied to this topic yet?

Josh, I miss you, your posts, your visits to IRC, the daily dev logs and the monthly videos. You are creating a game that many of us would create if we had the time and skills you have. Just remember that we care about you and Limit Theory. I can understand that these past months of silence have been as hard on you as they have been on the community. I can't imagine all the stress you must feel. Please remember though, no matter what happens, we will be here to talk to you and support your project.

May the Force be with you,

(Happy Star Wars day!)


Re: I miss you josh, We all do.

may the fourth be with all of you, including josh, who i also miss. I enjoyed very single one of your posts, and hope that you'll come back soon.
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Re: I miss you josh, We all do.

I miss Josh too. I miss his Dev Logs. I was awesome to be able to get a glimpse inside his mind every once in a while.

Anyone else get the feeling like we're at a wake? Not trolling, I just got the sudden, overwhelming impression that we're moved into another phase of grieving, looking back in fondness to what we once had.

I think, on that note, with everyone not ranting, I take my leave of this place. It's a better memory to part with.

Wherever you are, Mr. Parnell, I hope the universe unfolds as it should.

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