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Re: Will Limit Theory Support This New Tech?

BFett wrote:
oriondean wrote:are you guys saying this is an april fools joke? lets hope so because i didnt expect josh to sell out to star citizen!
Considering that I wrote those sentences myself (and used notepad like a fool), I think it's safe to say that Josh didn't sell out to Star Citizen.
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Re: Will Limit Theory Support This New Tech?

BFett wrote:I expect at least one of you to make a better Limit Theory themed April fools joke next year. :twisted:
I was considering posting a video from "Josh" featuring some opening lines from an old dev video, followed by this:

But I didn't feel like downloading a video editing software, and I imagine some of you would be rather angry with me.

EDIT: You guys weren't the only ones I wanted to do this too, was gunna do it to a few subreddits. Just so you guys know you're not special or anything. ;)
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Re: Will Limit Theory Support This New Tech?

FormalMoss wrote:
Wed Apr 04, 2018 2:28 am
BFett wrote:
Mon Apr 02, 2018 1:02 am
Looky here!
I kept clicking the "JOIN NOW", but nothing happened :( :( :cry:
That's because the join button could sense you're not worthy!
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