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Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

G'day all,

Only taken a year and five months but I've finally got around to posting something..

After Josh dropped all those development screenshots on Flickr I couldn't wait to download them, only to discover that Flickr doesn't let you download whole albums, thus I went on a search to find software to do it for me. To save others the trouble I though I'd upload all the images to my Dropbox (hope we don't get too much traffic there, resulting in Dropbox freezing the folder or similar) so everyone can get download them all should they want.

Here is a link the the entire collection: ... 1Ai1a?dl=0 (1.5GB)

Small file size versions: ... 3em3a?dl=0 (414MB)

I know this isn't really following the rules for the thread, but didn't want to make an entirely new thread. Best to keep all LT images in one place in my opinion.

Enjoy Josh's amazing work!
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Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

I made one too! :ghost:
No, I'm lying. What I did was take all of the images that fulfil my criteria mentioned in the first post and made them into a package.
153 images. :wtf:
It's 430 MB, which is too large to upload in one go, so I split it in two.
Linkies edited in into the main post: ... 149#p80149

Enjoy! :ghost:
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Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

Cornflakes_91 wrote:Maybe some good cinematich shots with current and nice ships could turn that around :angel:
Working on current and nice ships & stations (along with almost everything else) at the moment :) Stop distracting me! :roll:
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