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Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

They worked a year and a half ago...
Josh Parnell wrote:After that little victory, I moved back to planets for a while. I made a whole lot of progress, and am starting to approach the level of quality that I want for the game. I re-wrote the heightmap function, changed the way the surface is encoded for more efficiency and less distortion, improved the scattering (again), implemented much better bumpmapping, and improved the clouds. It was definitely a good day for planets.
I wonder what happened.
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Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

Dinosawer wrote:Added the screens from today's KS update (not yet in the ZIP file, no time for that now)
I was thrilled with them, Dinosawer. ;) I know they were only a bit of fun but they cheered me up considerably. When I inhabited the world of work I would always be unavailable for the week following the new year celebrations. I never did like the first week in January. :angel:

Re: The LT Wallpaper thread

I'm all for wallpaper prettiness. Although I do find white walls fascinating. Framed posters look good on white walls. :angel:

:shifty: I wonder what the LT poster will depict. Have you any ideas concerning what you would like to portray, Josh? Will it be an action scene or something less frenetic, perhaps depicting the beauty of the LT universe instead? :D

Rambling again, Fresh V. Time for bed methinks. :)

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