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Christmas presents for Josh!

I know its probably stalkerish and crazy, but I really would like to send chocolates and a sweater and a nice bottle of scotch to Josh in thanks for all the work he has done over the last year. Does anyone else out there feel the same way? I know there are other developers out there that regularly get random fan gifts, and even though Josh is just one dude coding my himself I dont see why we (the random crazy fan base) shouldnt be able to send him cookies and tea and hugs through the postal service!

There have been so many expectations heaped upon our lovable code guru in the last couple months, and I feel like the community would like to show its love this winter season by sending him gifts of food, nice warm clothes (especially given the heater situation!), and way way to many caffeinated beverages!

Is this normal or am I a crazy stalker?

Re: Christmas presents for Josh!

Can we send gifts to like a trusted intermediary or something? I know Josh wants to maintain some semblance of privacy in his everyday life and probably doesn't want fanboys showing up at his front door with evil grins and way to much enthusiasm. He seams to be too modest to glory in his e-fame, but I wouldnt be surprised if there were a bunch of fanboys like me that would thoroughly enjoy sending him some yuletide greetings and gifts!

Re: Christmas presents for Josh!

I'm not one for giving or recieving material posessions for any occasions but I wouldn't be opposed to sending JP a pair of scantily clad dancing girls, maybe a naughty Santa and Rudolph to provide some holiday cheer? Ah so many childhood memories :thumbup: :thumbup:
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