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Focus on one thing!

I have a sort of suggestion but it's not really something to be put in the game so if it doesn't belong in General can a moderator move it please?

First of all Josh I think you should really focus on one to three things at once in the game. Right now it seems like you are telling us you are working on about 10 things at once and we are only seeing a little bit of this and that and we arn't really seeing you complete something. I think that perhaps you should only work on one or two things at once and focus on them a lot. You get a lot more done (visibly) and also it's a lot more motivational when you see what good your work has done to the game instead of just programming and not really seeing much but just trying to imagine what it's doing behind the scenes.

Re: Focus on one thing!

Only problem with that is, sometimes when you're working on one thing, you may need to work on something else to get it implemented (if the particular element is dependent on other features, and to what extent), or sometimes you may get ideas for the other stuff, and thus divert work and attention to the other facets.

It's kind of hard for Josh to not divert to something else though, since he's pretty much doing all the work.

All the work will have to be done eventually in order to make the finished game, so in my opinion it doesn't matter what comes first or what's finished first.

Re: Focus on one thing!

I do code myself (mostly for fun) but it can often be really hard to focus on just one thing; especially if you lose interest in that thing.
Josh's way has been working for him, in just two years of josh-coding we have LT at the level it is currently; that is freaking amazing, as most AAA Game Dev studios won't even be half way by this point.

And from what I can tell, Josh seems to enjoy coding for it's own sake.
So let's just sit back, let him enjoy his work, offer praise and cash, and get a game in return when it's done. :)
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Re: Focus on one thing!

It is also difficult sometimes, and as Josh has stated himself in devlogs from time to time, you wish to achieve x, but in order to do so you have to get y working, which requires z to be complete first.

Hence the push recently with fonts/markets/UI and colonies, he needed that nailing before implementing missions further, which then make use of the shiny new rails. Its not a simple as just working on rails.
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Re: Focus on one thing!

I think what the OP is trying to say is something that I have said on IRC a few times and refrained from bringing up here due to the potential for it to blow up and get out of hand is that Josh should attempt to avoid distractions with regards to his ideas and theory. If he's working on something that brings an idea for something else that would cause him to deviate, instead of jumping to it because he can he should quickly write it down somewhere then continue what he's working on. Assuming he doesn't already do so.

I could go further but for now I will leave it at that. Either way you look at it Josh is producing an amazing game. He may not do it the way some of us would like, he may take longer than his timeline but the end result will be the same. My main concern is that he doesn't burn himself out before he's reached the finish line. Or if he does, he concedes his previous viewpoint and releases what he has regardless of the 'unfinished' state and then just works on it at his leisure.

Re: Focus on one thing!

At one point I referred to feature creep with respect to dev updates and this is what I meant, and is said better than I could. I think it is wise to stay on track and not get diverted on an update video - the side things can wait.

I feel this way about the latest UI thing - yes it's important, but could it not wait until after beta? But Josh knows best I guess.

Re: Focus on one thing!

TheJuggler wrote:
Zvanya wrote:I wouldn't mind if the dev videos just got shelved at this point. Maybe that's just my impatience showing :P
If that happens, I will fall to my knees and wail "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!" at the sky for, like, DAYS.
And I would be on my knees beside you wailing in a similar manner.

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