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How long until the release?

I know when it's done is the best answer. But Josh has said that he planed to have the game in beta around the end of the year with launch early next year, but the development state seems a bit behind on content for that to come true :( .

Since i never been so close to game development, what i have myself thinking is how much is yet to be done? From my unsubstantiated point of view it seems the game still might need around four to six months until is launched...

What do you guys think? Am I right about my prediction? :?

What are the features that still have to be fully implemented? :?:
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Re: How long until the release?

I really dont get why we arent allowed to talk about the beta and release dates, but it seams like whenever people try their threads get locked.

My bet given the amount of content that needs to be finished would be that we see beta around march and release in may. The fact is that Josh is just one guy and the amount of content that still needs to be put in is huge. Not that he cant do it, Im supremely confident that he will be able to ship a fantastic game, its just that even at 140 WPM on man can only type so fast. In my opinion he pushes himself to try and do goals in to little time, and consistently underestimates the amount of time its going to take to get things done, given the super high standards of quality he sets for himself. The game will be gorgeous and immersive and awesome, but probably not shipped until may 2015.

That being said its really not constructive to talk about since, like you said, its really done when its done. Im patient and want him to take however much time he wants to get it finished.

Re: How long until the release?

In the words of Josh himself:
JoshParnell wrote:If the release date must be changed, then it will be changed - but I cannot and will not do such things casually (such as in a reply to a forum topic). A decision like that is not to be taken lightly, and if it occurs (again), there must be an official announcement, a reasonable explanation, and a new timeline.

Until something like that should occur, my release date estimate remains exactly what it is: the official release date estimate. I have crafted it as best I can taking into consideration the work remaining at the start of the year. I don't think it's helpful to ask "is the release date still valid?" The point of the release date is that it's my best official estimate until changed.
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