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Re: Features in Limit Theory

Doomknight wrote: @Poet1960; Do you or anyone else know if he has at all stated somewhere what is on his priority list, as I've never really heard him mention specifics of what he intends to accomplish in the next video, in the monthly dev updates. I know he has mentioned that he will be prioritizes down on content rather than engine and technical stuff, and I know that he will be focusing on improving the testbeds (an inspirational idea at that) to do small-scale tests to ensure each small component is working correctly. But other than that he has stated what specific features he is working on at this time.

I don't know. Thing is, things change over time, so even if I did know, it may not still be valid.

Although I am pretty sure all the stuff mentioned in the kickstarter will be in the game. This sort of touches on the topic.
JoshParnell wrote:The gameplay is being worked on as we speak, and the game will not be released in an incomplete state, or without including every feature promised in the KS. Two simple facts that should cover all you need to know about the state of LT dev :)

October is going to be a crucial month for demonstrating the power of the new tools. Let's wait and see what it brings to us :geek:
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Re: Features in Limit Theory

On the priority list question, Josh mentioned a few months ago wanting (these are my words for it, not his) to show the remainder of the Master Plan once he found a good tool for representing that information. Possibly he still hasn't found a good enough such utility yet.

Doomknight: All good.
Cornflakes_91 wrote:Great, now i also read flats posts with that TV-salesman-voice he has xD
:lol: That's the first time I've ever heard it described that way. Fascinating.

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