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Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

Everything in the update was so pretty and had made so much progress since the last update. . . . . except that ugly space station. Now that all those slick LTSL systems are in place I really hope to see the stations get fancy! The ships are even looking nice now. Im not saying the station is BAD just that I look forward to seeing how much more awesome they are going to be once Josh has a time to take another pass over them.

But damn. I had to stop the video and just stare at those nebulae a couple times. The new bloom effects blew me away!

Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

I just noticed that there were 176 people online today. Yes I realize that this has been noted by someone over in the *insert thread name here* thread but I just had to say it. :P

We had enough Pylons earlier. :ghost: Here's to hoping we can gather such numbers at a later date.
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Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

InfelixTurnus wrote:Hmm, I'm not sure about the bloom effects, but I was watching it on my mobile at like 360p so that might have been why it looked a bit too strong.
The bloom wasn't really noticeable to me either (1080p on 2k resolution, for what it's worth). But the LTSL.. DAMN, I'm seriously jealous of that dev power. My own dev studio is neanderthal in comparison.

Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

Victor Tombs wrote:
Scab wrote:Hoping October will be focused on gameplay development, after all it's what I value most in a game. ^^
Yes, Scab, I too am looking forward to the focused gameplay development. I'm sure Josh hasn't forgotten what his ultimate mission objectives are. October could be a good month for gamers. ;) :D
I hope this month he actually starts doing it. Limit Theory could drag out for years if Josh tries to fine tune things like menu's and what not until "perfect".

To be honest there is a lot of the game that can and will be tweaked by the user community after release. It's not to say Josh should just give up and release a half done crappy game, but there is a point where fine tuning something forever gives no worthy results.

If the development drags out, so be it. It would be a shame however.
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Re: The October 2014 Devlog Discussion Thread

They will see it in time.

Josh knows what he has to do and has his rollout plan for the next few months.

We can, of course, idealise and hope for what will be in the October video release, but I'm sure Josh himself won't know for sure until the last week before the video releases (there is so much scope to cover and the Aug/Sep dev video shows an exciting time ahead!).


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