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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

It's a shame you never took part, though. :P

For everyone planning on taking part: I've had someone ask what exactly "Bad Luck" was supposed to mean, so here's a better explanation.

You know that engine upgrade you got that you expected to work, but find out that it's an order of magnitude weaker than you thought, right when you need it most? How about that rendezvous you set up with someone for a cargo transfer that turned out to be a trap? Maybe you misheard some instructions and flew left instead of right, or got distracted and traveled a little too far into the Asteroid Field Of Doom. If anything that can go wrong does go wrong, then today, all of it is happening to you.

I expect a lot of tragic and/or comedic entries from this one.
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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

So, for the last LTFC I was actually working on a project but I couldn't finish it due to work. If you are interested then you can listen to the unfinished version here. It is based on my first discarded project for the Industrial themed LTFC from last year. I wanted to reactivate it and change it to a melancholic song about a researcher who was forced to exile because of his lacking morals but it didn't work out in the end.

For the current LTFC I have something in the works that should be ready next week or so. :mrgreen:
It's going to be an Industrial Metal song with Chiptune elements, not unlike this song except less melancholic and faster. :ghost:

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