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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

No, the contest for January ends in about 15 hours. :) You made it in just under the wire, and great entry! I'm impressed that you managed to get that done in such a short timespan. :D Now I just need to round up the judges and get the other ones finished, so we can judge this one too (I've fallen... rather behind on that, but I plan on getting it straightened out in short order). I'm very happy you posted! :D Maybe we'll see another entry before the deadline, too.
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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Zennofska wrote:
Fri Feb 02, 2018 9:09 am
Incredible work Serendipitous.

Were those planets in the background also made by you?
Heheh, thanks! :twisted:

Yup, they're both by me. The barren planet is simply a sphere using the mighty 'Lunar' bump function and some tinkering with the material.

The desert planet is a bit more complex, with one sphere covering the surface, two for the ice caps (though they're practically non-existent), one for the cloud layer and another (volumetric) sphere covering the atmosphere.

If you want to have a read, this linkee is a nice tutorial using an older version of Vue. I'm using 2016 Complete these days, but I used to work in Vue 8 Esprit.

Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

Welp, there is my entry.

Due to time constaints the lyrics are quite shit, with botched pronunciations and wonky text. I am at least happy with the actual song, though.

Fun fact: For this song I used an (emulated) amiga as an synthesiser, transmitting data from FL Studios via a virtual midi cable to the tracker program on the amiga, the sound output was then routed back into FL Studios. This allowed me to apply effects semi-live with a second latency on the amiga output and quite simplified the whole process. It had been a pain to set it all up, though. The bridge part in the middle is played by the amiga alone, with only minor effects added to the sound.

Anyway, I had lots of fun composing this :D

EDIT: In hindsight, tiredness and a shortage of time is a bad combination, the "lyrics" I came up are even more awful than I first thought.
I even managed to confuse iron with copper in my stupor...
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