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Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

HowSerendipitous wrote:
Sun Jun 16, 2019 3:03 pm
Hehehe, nothing more sinister than 3 different lights either side of each engine 'fin'.... So 18 all together.

6 of them are volumetric point lights, that gives the spherical element of the light.
6 of them are quadratic spot lights with a spread of 87.5 degrees, so it'll spread out to the sides.
6 of them are also quadratic spot lights, pretty much the same as the previous ones but with a 45 degree angle.

Here's a view of the bottom so you can see it better (and those nice hefty railguns) :squirrel: I've not lit up the smaller ones yet, but I'll get to that....
So, I tried something similar. Not as good as yours, though. Probably I should increase the power of the local light and reduce the directional ones?
Just for information: which model of lighting/atmosphere are you using?

A propos, I have always an issue because I would like "glowing things" but without "ambiant light" (outer space). And glow is ambiant. You would not have a solution for this, by chance? That would allow really long luminous trails, would be cool.

And by chance, I got a nice effect on the wings, however :)

Re: Limit Theory Fan Contest - Discussion

That ship looks pretty damn awesome. I've pasted some details on the lights below..... Powers and the length of the ship I was using them on(within Vue) so you can fiddle with them by knowing the relative sizes:

Ship length 2.563 Km

Point lights - power of 1400
Volumetric lighting enabled, intensity of 0.1, maximum flare intensity and lots of random streaks.

45 degree spotlights - power of 400, spread of 45 degrees.
Volumetric lighting enabled, intesity of 1, 50% flare intensity, no streaks.

87.5 degree spotlights - same as above but with an 87.5 degree spread.

Atmosphere model standard, lighting model standard.


I did some twiddling with spotlights using a 2.5 degree spread that might be good for exhaust trails.... The only grip being they spread out, but if you added a decent amount of falloff, that could work. Annoyingly, directional lights can't be quadratic, otherwise they'd be perfect!

I've also considered doing a similar thing, but having lots of different lower intensity lights with different spreads, that might work well... Hopefully I can experiment over the weekend :twisted:

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