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"Great" minds think alike, I suppose. :ghost:

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Jan 27 23:39:44 <Hema>	Break a fortune cookie for Zorathex
Jan 27 23:39:47 <Taiya>	The fortune cookie says: You have unusual equipment for success. Use it properly.
Jan 27 23:39:55 <narwhalz0111>	…
Jan 27 23:39:58 <narwhalz0111>	!lenny ?
Jan 27 23:39:59 <Saoirse>	( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 27 23:40:00 <Hema>	!lenny
Jan 27 23:40:01 <Saoirse>	( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Jan 27 23:40:05 <Hema>	XD
Jan 27 23:40:05 <narwhalz0111>	ha! :V
Jan 27 23:40:16 *	Zorathex cleans his Barrett M107
Jan 27 23:40:32 <narwhalz0111>	so that's what the kids are calling it these days
Jan 27 23:40:32 <Hema>	Is that what they're calling it these days?
Jan 27 23:40:35 <narwhalz0111>	HA!
Jan 27 23:40:35 <Hema>	XD
Jan 27 23:40:36 <narwhalz0111>	:V
Jan 27 23:40:37 <Zorathex>	XD
Jan 27 23:40:57 <Hema>	That was great! XD
Jan 27 23:41:04 <narwhalz0111>	:D


Dinosawer wrote:
Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:23 am
Saoirse already did that log thing, ya know :p
Also, she'll probably be offline today and occasionally this week, they're working on the internet cables in our street
Yeah, I know. Goatbot only does it because I wanted to make use of that paper CSS. :V
My option is prettier than your's after all. :ghost:

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Toba - A Development Dump



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<Bele> I am home
<Bele> I am drunk as fug
<Bele> AMA
<narwhalz0111> What is a fug and how drunk is it?
<Bele> I brought a 96% bottle of spirits to the party
<Bele> it is now at 1/4
<Bele> I drank maybe half of that
<Bele> good times
<narwhalz0111> so
<narwhalz0111> quite drunk then :V
<Bele> very
<Bele> tomorrow isbeing eterbiel
<narwhalz0111> I'd ask what "eterbiel" meant if I expected a coherent answer :V
<Bele> terrible
<narwhalz0111> oh
* Bele sets mode +r on #limittheory
<Bele> I 
<Bele> uh
<Bele> what
<Bele> that was meant to be a aht
<Bele> I guess gaemsurge doesn't aht
<narwhalz0111> uh huh? V:
<Bele> it doesn't
<Bele> h
* Bele removes voice from narwhalz0111
* Bele gives voice to narwhalz0111
<Bele> see whta wark
<EmpressLexi> Bele: What is your favorite alcoholic beverage?
<Bele> EmpressLexi I generally  go for uh sweet ones
<narwhalz0111> please don't moderate drunk
<EmpressLexi> Good man
<EmpressLexi> same
<Bele> but seriousy spityysu might be mightnew favorite
<cuisinart8> same here
<narwhalz0111> it frightens me V:
<Bele> narwhalz0111is k
<Bele> tal is the man now
<cuisinart8> "spityysu"
<Bele>  and tomorrow i will be less durnk
* Talvieno is man
<EmpressLexi> Bele: List all the people in IRC you'd sleep with
<Talvieno> drunkbele
<Bele>  ihonstely type liek hjalf of thes with my eyes closed
<cuisinart8> XD
<Talvieno> xD
<Bele> I hvaen't looked at the chat for the last liek 2 minutes
<IronDuke> XD
<Bele> alls fine
<Bele> sllee p now would bne good
<Talvieno> drunkbele is hilarious
<EmpressLexi> Can we keep Drunkbele instead of normal bele
<Bele> i may or may not have reconnected with a girl I haven't met in 18 years
<IronDuke> just goes to show the accuracy of Taiya's drunk algo ;)
<Bele> did I raeldu sau thjat
<Bele> I donlt know
<Bele> good times iether way
<cuisinart8> eyyyy nice, drunkbele
<Bele> it ius right
<Talvieno> drunkbele forever \o/
<Saoirse> \o/
<Bele> ecxpet 118 years means we met last time in kindergarten
<Bele> still
<Bele> good time
<cuisinart8> XD
<Bele> sbniw i just have to coneact her again at somepojtn
<Bele> when im less durn
<Bele> cuisinart8: this is a rara apeparnce
<Talvieno> maybe she likes drunkbele better than normalbele
<Bele> Talvieno: doubtfuyl
<Bele> but psosivle
<Talvieno> you can woo her, but you need to be drunkbele
<Bele> she might like durnk bele more in eporsn
<Bele> durnk pele is a lot more sociable
<Talvieno> like superman, it's your secret identity
<Hema> Rekt wiki Gene
<Bele> over he internet drunk beel cant be arsed to sepll check
<Talvieno> noooooobody knows that drunkbele is actually regular old bele
<Bele> hgi tal
<cuisinart8> except instead of taking off his glasses, he takes off his language abilities :3
<Talvieno> :D
<Bele> ui wodner if shoudkhavespentmore of tday wooding ar
<Talvieno> I need to work on taiya's algo
<Talvieno> I had it written to imitate magus
<Bele> tal wyud vbe the second bot bsaedo nme
<Talvieno> bele kicks it up a notch
<Bele> im the oincablde of human
<Talvieno> xD
<Bele> you have nodiea how clsle I am to alcohol poisoing
<Talvieno> ookay, you should probably not drink any more :V
<Bele> and if I really try I can actually type completely fine sentances
<Bele> yeah no I'm not drunking anymore
<Bele> I'm home now
<Talvieno> good :V
<Bele> just sitting down in  front ym comepteuru before goingto slepp
<Bele> ahve a sa mpelt do of noy hand eye corodinatooin and no editing
<Bele> thi s is  indeed how mno filter bele sdurnk speks
<Bele> or atle ast types
<Bele> drunk bele trpes mostly as bdurnk bele tjoings
<Bele> its a juumble
<Bele> and somethiimes over pople
<Bele> mostlye opber people
<Bele> drunmk pee
<Bele>  dowesnrst shut u
<Bele> i no longre hanvem yeyes open
<Bele> which is why its all a mess
<Bele> it slioe kahjvblf poast 5
<narwhalz0111> >almost perfect
<narwhalz0111> :D
<Bele> i stardeet dirnekinga ta8
<Bele> i negvers toipped
<Bele> uh
<Bele> 8
<Bele> 29,.090
<Bele> no idea whatnumer i usttypes
<Bele> still notlookins
<Bele> eyse gheavy
<Bele> g0000d t9ems
<Talvieno> lol
<Talvieno> go sleep bele
<Talvieno> and drink lots of water
<Bele> water uis for people who dont desrve hagnover
<Talvieno> yes, and you're one of those people :V
<Bele> i tortes to
<Bele> mostly ill behungover mid mornig
<Bele> and ill slepp through
<Bele> t
<Bele> i beer pomnged
<Bele> but wiht
<Bele> 96% vodke
<Bele> in a m9t of soda
<Bele> we own
<Bele> won even
<Bele> ow nadnwon 
<Bele> sameleters
<Bele> im porives
<Bele> man i can't reallt make msense fthhat nothing wathingwati meant
<Hema> Break a fortune cookie for Bele
<Taiya> The fortune cookie says: The past is dead, and dies the cruelest death of all.
<Bele> j mehaj
<Bele> updise
<Bele> cam miay be single
<Bele> downsign
<Bele> cam maybesingle mother
<Bele> facebook stalkign  nclocnlsuvei so far
<Talvieno> ooh
<Bele> wil lleave  mo tolater
<Talvieno> single mother is a mixed bag
<Talvieno> proceed with caution
<cuisinart8> a) has a kid
<cuisinart8> b) someone liked them enough to have a kid
<cuisinart8> !shrug
<Saoirse> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<Bele> also a pstychology major
<Talvieno> ah, thing is, cui, the options are
<Talvieno> either A. someone ditched her
<Bele> whic lkead to total,y engaign dicssuio js
<Talvieno> or B. she ditched someone
<Talvieno> either could be good... or bad
<cuisinart8> true
<Bele> kay more elqouent htan me rightnow
<Bele> for real and noty just trdunk me tiems
<Talvieno> depending on whether they ditched her because she was bad... or she ditched them because she's not loyal...
<Talvieno> or whether it was their fault 
<Bele> because talky me has less seplling errors htan writing me
<Talvieno> so
<Hema> Taiya, last seen Narwhalz
<Taiya> I last saw Narwhalz 7 minutes ago: (:D)
<Bele> also all j have tobase that on ius one image with cam and a baby and commets aout being proud
<Bele> so hwo nbknws
<Talvieno> could be her niece or nephew
<Talvieno> if she didn't specifically claim it was hers and wasn't in a hospital gown
<Bele> ji mean
<Bele> n kn friend facebvook stalk
<Bele>  uinina,ö infor
<Talvieno> indeed
<Bele> asl odrunj
<Talvieno> uinina o infor
<Bele> minal minfo process capabvitliy
<Talvieno> just what I was about to say
<Bele> ikr
<Talvieno> well, you'll revisit it tomorow
<Talvieno> and
<Bele> maybe
<Talvieno> clearer mind, clearer ideas about the situation
<Bele> and?
<Talvieno> so I'd let it rest for now tbh
<Talvieno> she'll still be there tomorrow
<Bele> u neab yes
<Talvieno> unless she's not, in which case, you probably dodged a bullet
<Bele> vyt myt cu7roage wont
<Bele> liquid and all that
<Bele> stoll
<Bele> today a bad idea
<Bele> not last beacyese hes on a bus
<Talvieno> it's okay, we'll cheer you on
<Talvieno> peer pressure is essentially liquid courage in textual form
<Talvieno> or verbal :V if you have a life
<Bele> good styuff
<Talvieno> which most of us don't really
<Bele> actually first partyy uve veeb ti in ages
<Talvieno> or maybe we do, and I'm just the only one that doesn't
<Bele> my social life is pretty minaml
<Bele> which is why a female showing the least smidgen of interest has me improportionally intersted
<Bele> hi bear
<Bele> tthis is not bear channel
<Bele> disrgerade bear
<Talvieno> xD
<Talvieno> search quotes maid
<Taiya> <B​ele> !maid buttmaid, uh, no one saw nuthin ~~ added by Silverware on Oct 29 2015 (236)
<Bele> buttmaidi s actualyl same chhannel as bear
<Bele> Im tmostkyl only in two
<Bele> thgsi and maid
<IronDuke> I really really wanna copypaste this into the IRC thread on the forum
<Talvieno> lol :D would buttmaid be inappropriate for this channel
<Bele> y have my lvsesing ironduke
<Bele> bvuttmaid is mostly sfw
<Bele> someti mes toes the line
<Bele> she just builds responseds from retedermined snips oftect
<Talvieno> interesting.
<Bele> prettyd oid work for amicrc script
<Talvieno> I suppose it must be more sfw than defecating on someone's head
<Bele> yes
<Talvieno> or telling them they won the retard lottery
<Talvieno> orrrr saying "and shit?!"
<Bele> 04:50 < buttmaid> Buttmaid's next anime project: Corpse: Assassin Faeries
<Talvieno> lol
<Bele> based on anime titels
<Talvieno> ahhhh, I see
<Talvieno> yeah, that could be amusing
<Bele> 04:50 < buttmaid> Buttmaid's next light novel adaption: Don't Stop It! Are You
<Bele>                   Serious, The Student Council President!
<Bele> based oj a different set ofanime tuteles
<Bele> 04:52 < buttmaid> Fufufu~! Anno is an average robot belfrey witch with
<Bele>                   dreadlocked long hair under her horned hat!! She wears a
<Bele>                   bikini under her witch robe, is irrepressibly sarcastic and
<Bele>                   is the student council president! She always has her broom on
<Bele>                   hand.
<Talvieno> I think I remember you posting something like that at some point previously, actually
<Bele> yea
<Bele> when its fun enough
<Bele> i sometimes hsare
<Bele> ow i haven treallt looekd though it
<Talvieno> do you ever post stuff from here over there
<Bele> nnot really
<Bele> you lots arn't as fun
<Talvieno> aw, I guess we aren't as fun as them then
<Talvieno> lol, yeah :D
<Bele> msotly the bots arent s fun
<Talvieno> awww.
<Bele> tey dont do fun conetnt genration on demand
<Bele> 04:57 <%Anno> !animu with gentk
<Bele> 04:57 < buttmaid> Buttmaid's next light novel adaption: Now, I Can't Believe
<Bele>                   gentk Is Going To Disagree: Excess: Excess!
<Bele> 04:57 <%Anno> !animu with gentk
<Bele> 04:57 < buttmaid> Buttmaid's next light novel adaption: Now, I Can't Believe
<Bele>                   gentk Is Going To Disagree: Excess: Excess!
<Bele> see
<Bele> fun
* Bele waves at commi
<Bele> hji 
<Talvieno> :D
<Talvieno> yeah, I don't know enough about anime to code something like that
<Bele> I now fel likek
<Bele> I should stop brushign mey teeth and go tobed
<Bele> so
<Bele> good night
<cuisinart8> o/
<Bele> i'kk beaournd in3ö10 horus
<Bele> hersy
<Bele> godo time
<Talvieno> 'night, bele o/
<Talvieno> sleep well
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