A discussion told through slight inebriation.

What this really has to do with is the march 15th dev update, which has turned into my favourite thus far in terms of excitement and ambitious thinking! I apologize for the horrible lack of grammar.
Worlds Longest run-on sentence:

So reading the 15th of march update, It says there will be NPCs with individual stats, does this mean now that I could make a crew of people, possibly name them, add a story inside my ship by making up random things about crew mate interaction during space flight, train them to be military units or pirates or something, allow the ability to shoot boarding pods (like the drones being fired at asteroids, but instead, it's people being fired at ships), board the ships, include yourself in the boarding party (if you want to gamble, possible extra reward for doing so? {better chance of cargo containing extra loot}), take over the ship without firing any rounds or damaging it, then out of nowhere someone else tries to board you, you lack defensive units as they are all on the other ship, lose your first ship, rinse, repeat.

But really, you could totally implement this type of system, then another object to the game could also include internal defenses and turrets. This also opens the door for robbing space stations without having to destroy them.

With the stats, you could also include different races/species of alien or robots or whatever. Then you may have a chance of different races/species/etc having conflict at all times, a permanent war between two different aliens, factions don't matter, they can't work together in the same faction or community, could be shoot on site, etc.

Or colony raiding. Or the colonizing function: (instead of boarding party shooting thing, colony shuttle, fire it from large capital ships at a planet, if planet has no other species/faction/whatever, AND if it is capable to be colonized with the fired shuttles capabilities/technology (research reference), it will (or will not if certain requirements aren't met) be colonized, if there is another species/faction/whatever already present, it would commence a world domination battle between the two! MORE STATS! More Micro!!!

Because of the dynamic task network, where you have a figurehead and people below it in ranks of importance, you could all of a sudden have independant planets, they are different from factions, and individual people in space, now your universe REALLY has life, as the planet will be looking out for itself, plus, now we have a new place NPC are spawned from (linked with colony system), but factions made up of small people from the planet can form from them also, it's the breeding grounds of the AI! Which could also mean that planetary honor or citizenship could play an even bigger role, maybe the planet is being attacked, the NPC in the faction that is attacking the planet may not agree because he/she/it is from said planet, and would turn against the attacking faction to defend the planet, turning into an independent fleet of ships (yay parties of NPC that aren't in a faction, more just a party/AKA fleet)! Then your universe has dynamic random events spawned within it, plus it gives more ways for factions, fleets, and the like to be created in the universe.

Now this system would be involved in planet value, which is what makes different planets, more sought after; in planetary generation, or when the game makes the object, it can give it stats as well, like how habitable the planet is for different alien species/races/anything, or how much ore is there, or whatever other resources, or water, or a stat for the atmosphere, which increases the habitable quality, increasing planetary value. This also could be used in the formula for population growth of a colony/planet, it would be based on the quality of the planet for that particular being.

The 15th dev update just got me thinking about how life could feel and the immersion of a dynamic alive universe in LT when you're playing.

Is anyone else as excited as I am??!?!?! This may have been a complete misunderstanding, but in my head these things sounded great, so I hope people think so too, or make sense of them...

I also just read the next days devlog and I gotta tell you... Mind. Explosion.

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