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Limit Theory in the News

I'd like to open up a thread for reporting how and where Limit Theory is being covered in the gaming or general press.

If you see Limit Theory being talked about or included in a video, positively or (?) otherwise, please consider taking a few moments to post it here.

(Mods, if such a thread already exists that I didn't see, my apologies and feel free to do a merge.)

First up: after inexplicably snubbing LT in their ultromegapost series on games they're looking forward to seeing in 2014, Rock Paper Shotgun has published another glowing report of LT from Craig Pearson.

Once again, the comments are highly positive, with just one commenter so far expressing some concern that procedural content can't be as good as handcrafted content. (There have already been replies to this. :))

Any other sightings of LT to share?

From RockPaperShotgun:
From Kotaku:
From The Mittani:
From BBC Technology News:
From PC Games:
From PixelJudge:
From Space Sector:
From GamerZakh (YT channel):
From GamingOnLinux:
From Linux:
From IGM:
From Tek Syndicate:
From Blue's News:
From The Game Dev Cast:
From VG 24/7:
From Games on net:
From The Hull Truth:
From TGN:
From Fragtard:
From One Angry Gamer:
From Fists of Heaven:
From blastr:
From Space Game Junkie:
From Business Report:
From The Advocate:
From Cliqist:
From Windows Central:
From PC Gamer:
From COG Connected:
From Eurogamer:
From Segment Next:
From Techspot:
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Re: Limit Theory in the News

HowSerendipitous wrote:I think Rock Paper Shotgun have forgotten us. :|
Their last post on LT was on the 27th of January, 5 days ago... They don't usually do another article on the same thing so quickly.

Maybe something in March.
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Re: Limit Theory in the News

Not sure what Craig's deal is with RPS, but he may not be able to post updates as frequently as he would like.

Exhibit A:
RPS article by Craig Pearson on January 27th, 2014 at 12:00 pm wrote:If I am in a position to share it with thousands of pairs of eyes, I shall. That means you get two updates in this post, as the RPS CMS has been hidden from me for a few months, and I’ll be gone again come Tuesday. Watch these, and also demand that I am brought back at least once a month to share them with you.
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