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Re: Limit Theory in the News

Miklos wrote:Did you just fuel the hype train? Careful now Victor :wtf:
:lol: That wasn't my intention, Miklos, but sometimes my natural enthusiasm gets the better of me. :mrgreen:
Grumblesaur wrote:For all the criticism of the hype train we get around here, I think it's much better to have people on the hype train going around the loop than just sitting on the station platform waiting for the real thing to arrive. It lends itself to a more positive outlook, I think.

I think at times the hype comes off as mindless devotion, but I don't think it actually is that. It's people trying to make a good time out of their anticipation. The folks that we get around here with the "stop having fun, guys, the game isn't out yet" mentality are a bunch of wet blankets.
I like that post, Grumblesaur. I like it very much. :thumbup: :D

Re: Limit Theory in the News

Just found this ... did=169867
Limit Theory Engine Tune-up
[Mar 11, 2016, 09:33 am ET] - Share - Viewing Comments
A post on the Limit Theory Forums has a status report on this crowdfunded procedural space simulation, which has had its share of ups and downs along the way. An update last year reassured backers and followers of the project that development continued, and now developer Josh Parnell outlines changes he has implemented under the hood. There are a lot of engine details, but here's his conclusion: "Having written a good bit it already, I can tell you guys that, all this technical stuff aside, the single best part of this new approach is that building LT actually feels like building LT, not like thinking about the best way to implement each tiny piece of it. In that respect, a HUGE burden has been lifted from both myself as well as future modders!" Thanks JDreyer.
Personally, I'd have loved it if Josh had fixed up the first sentence, had we known it would be sent onto the airwaves verbatim.
"Having written a good bit of it already,

In Josh We Trust

Re: Limit Theory in the News

Talvieno wrote:Oh, Victor's not in it for the game, he's in it for the collectibles. :)
I missed this, Nathan. :shock: Not in it for the game? Of course I'm in it for the game... but the high tier rewards are also thrilling. A snapshot of history in the making with a page written by Josh, what could be more important for a collector of LT things? I'm just hoping he bears in mind that I don't care for all the coding stuff and he gives me a page that mentions the influence playing Freelancer had on the decisions he made and some awesome nebulous stuff about The Vision. If I get one of the "working on coding" pages I will be very disappointed.

If you haven't got that page I'll look the other way while you retrospectively create it, Josh. ;) The Vision sheet is the one that matters to me, my friend. :angel:

Re: Limit Theory in the News

Talvieno wrote:I was making a joke, Victor, though I may not have been clear enough about it. :lol:
Limit Theory is almost part of my DNA now, Nathan. I've spent a lot of money supporting other space game projects but none of them are as important as LT. There is nothing in the space game genre that generates the passion I feel for this game. All other space games will take a back seat to the Josh Parnell project.

It's always been the vision that held importance for me. I'm never going to get excited about the coding, no matter how advanced it becomes. Coding ranks on near enough the same level as jigsaw puzzles for me but without those who do find joy in the subject I could never have the experiences that thrill me. So I do have respect for those who practice the dark art. They talk gibberish and have bloody silly names for their tools but as long as they get the job done I'm willing to share their enthusiasm for their calling. :angel:

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