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Re: Limit Theory in the News

nickgreyden wrote:teksyndicate - Limit Theory, Procedural Generation to the 11th degree (~April 1st, 2014)

bluenews - Limit Theory Economics Lesson (April 3, 2014) This one is kind of lacking

The Game Dev Cast - Node Based Space Craze – Limit Theory (Feb 16, 2014)

VG24/7 - Limit Theory: a solo mission to the stars (Dec 5th, 2012) (muh burfday!) an in depth early look and interview with Josh

Games on net - Limit Theory developer talks economy in latest diary update (April 11th 2014)

and lastly The Hull Truth (YouTube) - Episode #15 (Jan 13th, 2014) covers a bit of LT in the "Other News" section. LT is mentioned at 11:30 in. The auto skip to that time doesn't seem to be working right now or I'd add the #t=690 to the link :roll:
Treasure trove! :)

Thanks, nickgreyden!

Re: Limit Theory in the News

FormalMoss wrote:
Compugasm wrote:I found this game through YouTube. "TGN Top Ten Upcoming Space Sims" Link to Exact Time.
This is what brought me to the LT universe, and wishing a friend and I had known about this kickstarter.. would have loved to have backed LT and signed up for Beta access :mrgreen:
You two aren't the only ones. As I recall, it brought KatyPanda in here too, but I think she's since disappeared back into lurk mode.
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Re: Limit Theory in the News

johncage wrote:you're giving people too much credit. watchdog's pre-order sales numbers, ea's sales numbers, ubisoft's success, etc all point to a public that is perpetually clueless.
Excuse me, but Watch Dogs is bloody fantastic.
I'll admit they may or may not have fucked up a few things, but it's generally a great game. [and i'm definitely NOT Cosplaying Aiden pierce in a few months >_>]

I should also actually read sites like RPS...

P.S. Nobody start on EA. I've heard enough about EA and Ubisoft to last a lifetime, and while i hate both companies equally, i'll buy and play their games, if i like them enough.
But Battlefield? Never again...

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