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Re: Limit Theory in the News

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Limit Theory Cancelled
An update on Kickstarter says that development of Limit Theory is being cancelled, about six years after a Kickstarter campaign succeeded in raising over $180K to develop this procedurally generated space sim (thanks TechSpot via Neutronbeam). This will be painful news to backers, as this was a highly anticipated project, and you can sense the anguish this news causes Josh Parnell from his opening paragraph: "It is with a heart of lead that I write this announcement. Not in my darkest nightmares did I expect this day to ever come, but circumstances have reached a point that even my endless optimism can no longer rectify. I can not finish Limit Theory." Josh explains that in spite of the crowdfunding, the project is out of money, and that he has also exhausted his personal savings. He also reveals the personal toll of working as lone developer: "But significantly more troubling is that I am entirely out of energy -- emotionally, mentally, even physically." Going forward, Josh outlines plans to release the source code while he braces for blowback on the news.

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