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Would it be possible to gain intel on other factions? Like, if a mining company was planning on moving a large load of cargo to another system could you somehow find out about it and ambush them? Or learn about their fleet movements in the event of a war? Than you might be able to do spying type missions or propose spying type missions, maybe get an NPC from another faction to give up information because you once saved his life, or you bribe him, or you threaten to kill him.

Re: Intel/spying

I don't see why not. I thought he said somewhere that NPCs will be able to give tips for things but I can't seem to find the actual quote so I may be mistaken. Like if you're talking with an NPC they might mention that they just came back from some asteroid field and found it littered with some rare mineral. Therefore you can now go out and attempt to find the mineral for yourself. The same theory would apply to your intel/spying idea. While talking to an NPC they might mention they heard about a shipment of rare valuables or something, especially if you're conversing with some of the shadier types. It seems like it would fit right in with the pirate atmosphere :lol:
Or learn about their fleet movements in the event of a war?
This is interesting though... it would be really cool if there was some way for us to recon ships or be able to set-up NPCs to recon for us. Not necessarily patrolling because that usually implies that they'll get in to fights but instead just observe and report back enemy ship movements. This would allow for some really cool RTS tactics like ambushing or trap setting.

Re: Intel/spying

With what Josh has said recently on contact with NPC's, and doing favors for them, I could imagine that as long as you could somehow hide your relationship with another faction then it should be possible to slowly gain the friendship of a member of an opposing faction. From this then you may be able to gain information etc.

Classic spying, and definitely would be awesome.

Re: Intel/spying

In theory yes, the idea is for information to be a first-rate currency in LT. I.e., you can make your living by acquiring information, and, in theory, you can also gain significant advantages by acquiring the right information.

The degree to which this will be feasible is still up in the air, it's difficult to say without having implemented it yet :) But I really want to see spying/intel gathering/scanning/snooping/what-have-you as first-class jobs.
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