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engine aesthetics

hi josh,
i was looking on your site at the media ( and noticed one the screen shot "
Escorting a Capital Ship" the engines on the two ships were small squares.
in the released version would they still be small squares, or will they be able to be different sizes. i am asking as would a larger engine use more fuel but make you faster. and would they have different sized hit boxes for for taking them out.

Re: engine aesthetics

That's actually a really good question. I would assume that equipping any item would be similar to the system used in MechWarrior Online where there are designated locations for particular equipment and weapons. The difference being that ships can be created by the player or generated by the computer.

I seem to remember some game that did change the exterior of a ship as various types of engines were equipped. It may be possible but I would probably go the EVE Online route and not update the engine graphics as near thrusters are added.

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