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Modular Ship Components - Spoilt for choice?

Am curious - how varied would the ship customization be and how would its implementation work with the LT Engine dynamic?
  • Would we get the ability to work with a fairly large mix of components/turrets/lasers/missiles/torpedoes?
  • Would they be classified as per Ship class (S/M/L/Capital etc)?
  • How many types of the aforementioned components be? (how many types of lasers or turrets for ex and their compatibility with different Ship types or Hardpoints, compatibility with Ship reactor/power core/power plant)
  • Any chance of Weapon or Module Blueprint discovery/creation/manufacture/integration with LT economy?
  • Would custom weapon or ship module creation be allowed as part of Modding so the community could come up with a Mod like "Eve Weapons Customization Mod : Eve level of ship customizations - hundreds or perhaps thousands of lasers turrets missiles shields hull platings that can be added to your LT experience)
Not asking for too much I hope ;)

Re: Modular Ship Components - Spoilt for choice?

N810 wrote:Perhaps some Diablo like randomness to weapons and armor available from salvage and purchase. 8-)
Just as long as it is more of a randomness that isn't centered around the characteristics of the weapon/turret/item. For example, if say, a plasma weapon has a high shield damage and low hull damage (just guessing and only using this for example) that this isn't the way all plasma weapons are. It would truly be awesome to have a rare find where maybe a plasma has high hull damage in addition to high shield damage.

Just sayin' of course. One of the things I hated most about Diablo 3 was finding int on a weapon for a class that had no use for int (barb), but that was mostly due to the class problems. I know in D1, since everyone could use magic equally (for the most part) that one didn't have the same problem.
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Re: Modular Ship Components - Spoilt for choice?

Weapons with attributes makes me shiver a little. I prefer the technology route. Exploring, meeting AI, getting rich, and salvaging ships should all present the opportunity to discover and use new technology. Once a technology is learned, the player can implement the new tech in their tools or offensive/defensive items. For example, a ship is disabled and salvaged and a new engine powering technology is discovered. The tech is then available for installation on any of the player's ships for a reasonable price.

As for the questions, I can't imagine not having a wide assortment of utility/offensive/defensive ship components, ship classes are an interesting topic of discussion, and don't give up hope entirely on the ability to create your own weapons. Even though modding support is not likely, Josh still might yet include this capability in LT officially or save it for a later patch.

Re: Modular Ship Components - Spoilt for choice?

N810 wrote:It sould be random, but still in character for each type of weapon or equipment, and maybe very rarely have an out of characteristic attribute due to being a prototype or something?
truthfully - since the entire game is based on procedural - I would prefer at least some artifacts/assets to be pre-created !
This would also allow seamless integration with modding tools if and when they're released.

I would prefer to work for that "Kilo-Class Progenitor MK 3 Heavy Torpedo" via missions, currency accumulation and current skill level rather than find one at random (or not at all because of randomness)
This game is all procedural and meticulously non=procedural assets like the ones I've mentioned as OP would be refresing. Too much procedural coupled with randomness can feel banal !

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