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Re: Homeworld Franchise

I considered it, but I only have a good week of vacation and have Legacy of the Void and Enemy Within to play, and I haven't finished the original Homeworlds yet. (I got a bit stuck in mission 11 - finished mission 10 with a tiny fleet, couldn't really mine or rebuild due to the radiation, so I thought "I'll use the automine and rebuild my fleet at the start of the next mission", only to be directly thrown into battle at the start of mission 11. :problem: )
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Re: Homeworld Franchise

Great story, the gameplay is awesome.
The sensors camera is pefect.
But the real world camera is too constrained, cant look up above the horizon, nor can you zoom out enough, it feels claustrophobic.

In HW1/2/Remastered I never really used the sensors management, in DoK I use it almost exclusively.
Which is a real shame because the units are fecking Gorgeous.

The Vibe is perfect too, everything feels a little clunky and old, and both sides technologies look like they are the ancestors of the tech in HW1.

Opinion? Buy! :D
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Re: Homeworld Franchise

Well, I'm playing this game, Deserts of Kharak (even if Shipbreakers was a much better name), and so far I find it excellent. Now, I'm not a fan of real time strategy, and I don't usually play this kind of stuff, but I'm enjoying it. The setting, characters and story so far are pretty good (for an RTS), and the vehicle design is pretty cool as you may already know.

The reason why I usually don't like real time strategy (one of the reasons) is because it forces you to play at its own pace, when I prefer to play at my own pace. I don't want to continue moving forward until I'm ready to do so, but in this genre an enemy could attack you almost any time and you have to do something about it right now, you want it or not. Besides, I'm always afraid of making something wrong and blow up my chances. However, so far occasionally this game let me take my time to do certain things (like look at the vehicle models at close from every angle), and there is only that occasional enemy unit that pass by and I can even ignore. (I like it because you may take your time and have some degree of freedom, but you can't just explore as crazy; it's too dangerous, forcing you to think carefully before moving.)

Now, all this is at the beginning of the game, and things may change later on. Besides, the low availability of resources makes me feel that there may be some limitations to the way you play the game, but that could be a good thing as well. We'll see.

In other words, for what is worth, I'm giving this game a preliminary seal of approval. Let's see if it keeps my interest on the long run. 8-)
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