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.... Ok well if you have't heard WarFrame just got their update 6.0 and i hear it's amazing. They got wall-runing, ziplines, two new WarFrames and most inpresive two new maps and two new bosses.

My only problem is that since my friend hacked my PC and changed my Admin password i can't patch this amazinig game. Anyway if you want to check i out got to

They got sites that are giving away beta keys.

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Re: No one's talking about WarFrame?

Creepy techno-organic armor looks creepy (and not in a "spikes of evil" fun way). Also, distinct lack of manly shoulderpads is distinctly lacking.

...and worst, "Free to Play" usually isn't and I end up paying more than the game is worth. I'll pass, you guys have fun with I-can't-believe-it's-not-Guyver.
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Re: No one's talking about WarFrame?

Gave it a go yesterday. Very polished for a beta.. certainly in the release candidate category.

The free-2-play looks like it is actually legit. Granted, the pay-2-pimp 'carrot on a stick' is somewhat obnoxious. Also the free version of unlocking (crafting) warframes (roughly equal to your usual FPS classes, or Dust 514's dropsuits) is looking as though it would be a grind.. that is, if you don't enjoy a good shoot'em'up alien massacre or 5 dozen. :P

Definitely has the eye-candy, missing shoulderpads notwithstanding!

The UI could be better, but it's not horri-bad. I did have the game stick on me once; network related bug, looked like.

On the whole: fun. Longevity looks good from here, but then time will tell.
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Re: Warframe's Hamsters

Also, it's pretty funny how badly they're screwing up the Free To Play angle.

After shooting grunts for maybe an hour or two, I didn't have enough "free coins" to buy anything exciting.
They're doing this completely backwards. Right from the start you would have to reach for your credit card for buying anything. That's not how it works. You bait players, get them used to buying cool stuff in the store. Then you slowly decrease the influx of free stuff because the motivation for buying cool stuff is trained and the resistance to using the old CC can so be overcome. It's not rocket science...
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Re: Warframe's Hamsters

Yep, Rappelz did this with great proficiency.
Lots of "free" goodies in the early levels to get you used to them, together with very easy XP, not a lot of grind and a lot of change in scenery... After a few levels all there's left is grinding, and you're very tempted to buy XP boost packs to advance more quickly.

A skinner box to the letter. :D
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Re: Warframe

Yea the game is great, a lot of people log in, look at all the weapons and Warframes in the market for Platinum and think that means you have to buy them. Which you don't, do a bit of grinding (which goes much faster mid-late game) and you can build more weapons than you have time to level. And you can also open relics and sell spare Prime pieces to get more weapon/frame slots for free.

Really the only limiting factor is the weapon/frame slots. Everything else can be earned for free just by playing. Which is why I put so much time into it.

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