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Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

...Highlights of the day:

140 second drop, check...

While burning, jump into a pool of whiskey, check (good thing that didn't go up in flames...)

Grabbing a staff underwater, triggering the lightning trap in the pool and dieing horribly, check (...I got a bomb-launcher for you next time... <.<)

Bouncing some circular saw-blades and running into that, check (and ouch)

Killing myself with bouncing circular saw-blades, check (double-ouch)

Setting everything on fire and dieing because of it like Dino up there, check

Getting stuck in a pit because of an errant pixel I couldn't destroy, check...

While being stuck in said pit, having the great idea to try out the wand of rain-cloud, check (I was busy before! Sue me :V)

Remembering that you are STUCK in a PIT that you can't GET OUT of while WATER fills it... ... ... check
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Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

Dinosawer wrote:
Sun Oct 06, 2019 9:20 am
My genius plan to clear a level turned out to be less genius
Oh my god... even my acid wand didn't kill me. That was the creatures that my acid wand allowed to get close to me. :V
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Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

Well, my idea was to drown the entire level in oil from above in the temple, but the oil in the temple itself caught on fire somehow so I had to flee downward, and then that happened :ghost:
It's a fun game so far, but it's too bad that I generally die before I get to the fun part (messing around with spells in the wands)
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Re: Noita - Roguelite with pixel physics and crazy magic

I've heard of the alchemy system, but never been lucky enough to get it to work. The way it works is that there are a few secret liquids that have special recipes - usually two liquids and one "powder", which is any material that isn't bolted down. the liquids could be things like water, blood, polymorphine, swamp water, berserkium, and so on. Powders are things like coal, gunpowder, sand, soil (loose topsoil), corpses (there are different materials here depending on creature) and so on. All three must be in very close proximity to combine.
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