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Re: Generation Ship

TL/DR: Amazing idea. Maybe try LÖVE to build it in. Good luck!

I love this idea, I like to think I had a similar thought not long ago, absolutely nowhere near the level of detail you've put in, more of just a fleeting thought.

I'm in the middle of making a game (currently spending time fleshing out the 'engine'...) which is supposed to be a "planetary colonisation management sim", with text graphics, where you play the role of a computer / space station, and interact through the use of a 'text based console' (it's all done with a text spritesheet so I have more control, so not an actual console)

Anyway, my little opinion on this is you should check out LÖVE. It's lua, and it's small, my whole game is currently around 140kb, and it in theory packages to multiple os (theory as I haven't tried it myself yet).
Also I only started with lua in the last few months, but coming from JS it has some nice similarities (and some odd code syntax, but that's life I guess)

(My background quickly is Flash games (AS3) -> Web Apps (JS/HTML/CSS) -> Unreal (C++/Blueprints))

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