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Re: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw


Looks like a mishmash of Serenity and Freelancer - what can possibly be better than that? I especially love the soundtrack that's clearly inspired by Serenity's Wild West in Space theme.
Not to mention the freelancer styled ship combat/upgrade elements. Very diff from the first Rebel Galaxy. Can't wait

Re: Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

I have the first Rebel Galaxy that I got for free on gog for some reason, but never got around to installing it. :V

I do have to say though... the combat here is very fast paced, based on that video. o.O Reminds me of using the Shivan ship in Freespace 2. This game looks awesome, though I doubt I could play it for more than an hour at a time. :P Also, that guy has painful music tastes :ghost:
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