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Re: Fallout 76

I was crushed to learn of the online focus. Especially because the world looks so stunning, and I feel the C.A.M.P. system is going to be a great update to the build mode.
I'd love a Fallout/Elder Scrolls BethRPG that I can play in co-op with my partner or friends, but an always-online ungoverned griefbox just isn't my idea of a good time. Not to mention I'm of the mod-'til-it's-unplayable-and-all-your-game-time-is-actually-spent-resolving-mod-manager-conflicts crowd, so the presumed lack of 3rd-party mods was also a disappointment. :cry:

:o BUT :o

I'm cautiously optimistic after learning that private, moddable servers are something Bethesda are "absolutely committed" to providing after launch. This comes from the Very Mouth of Todd (@ approx 8:50):

So possibly great news, made a little bittersweet by the assumption that Bethesda are going to be relying on the players to build or drive much of the gameplay. I don't know if exploring and hunting monsters & feral ghouls will be a good enough time to balance out the also-confirmed complete and utter lack of human NPCs...
Though the equal lack of shrieking twelve-year-old raiders with nuclear access keys seems like a fair enough trade. :ghost:
We'll see.

Re: Fallout 76

Thank you for posting this video, ColdSpiral. I'm not at all interested in Fallout 76 but there was some useful content in the interview which gave more information about those future Bethesda games I am interested in. :thumbup: :D

I hope you get what you want from Fallout 76. :angel:

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