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New BioShock in Development

A Kotaku story about Mafia III mentions in passing that 2K have a new BioShock game in the works.

There's no more info than this. But it's something.

I'm personally not excited. The original BioShock was interesting and not un-fun, even though it was simplified too much for my taste from System Shock 2. BioShock 2 streamlined things a little more, but it didn't stray too far from its immediate predecessor.

BioShock Infinite was, from my viewpoint, technically very good (and the Elizabeth character was handled well in particular), but was otherwise a disaster. Instead of a complex, reactive world, nearly every location was just a façade -- a completely non-interactive wall. The story was simplified to "everyone is awful." Much of the game was, literally, "on rails." And taking away the ability to save/reload when I wanted meant I couldn't even finish the game; the final fight just kept resetting to a checkpoint.

I don't have a lot of faith in 2K to give a developer the creative freedom to reverse BioShock's slide toward a game that plays itself for you. Still, you never know.

Re: New BioShock in Development

I played everything except 2. I couldn't get through 2. It was... too boring for me. I liked the first one, but it was too simple to hold my attention for a second go (although the plot was amazing - I loved the plot, but the gameplay not so much). I liked Infinite - the atmosphere, the characters - but the plot was a bit odd, and the gameplay (while fun a lot of the time - and I LOVED jumping around on the rails) felt... too random, I guess.

Didn't someone try to Kickstart another Bioshock successor at some point? I seem to recall someone trying to do that, and it failing.
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Re: New BioShock in Development

Hmm. Don't know about Kickstarting a BioShock successor.

I know that the former Irrational Games split from 2K to become Ghost Story Games, and they're working on something -- not BioShock, though; those rights remained with 2K. I don't recall if Ghost Story has already tried to Kickstart anything yet, though.

Re: New BioShock in Development

Talvieno wrote:
Mon Apr 16, 2018 3:23 pm
I didn't know about that. I found what I was talking about though:

The Black Glove. It fell $300,000 short of the goal, only collecting $200,000.

Ah. In a way, that's too bad -- it looks like it would have been interesting. (And the artwork for their Kickstarter was outstanding -- great 1980s gaming vibe!)

But in another way, maybe there's an upside. Day For Night Games (makers of The Black Glove) was where several Irrational developers went after Binfinite. When their Kickstarter didn't succeed, at least two of them -- Joe Fielder and Robb Waters -- joined OtherSide to work on Underworld Ascendant. (And Robb Waters then went over to NightDive to work on their "reboot" of System Shock, for which he'd been the original artist.)

The good news is that not only was Underworld Ascendant successfully Kickstarted, it's due to be released around the end of this year.

And it's looking great... if things like exploration and player-centric design appeal to you. :D

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