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Kerbals in Multiplayer!

Kerbal Multiplayer has been proven relatively stable on my home PC, so I have decided to make it semi-public.
To get the connection details, pop past the Limitt Theory IRC Channel, and ask Goatbot about KSP.

The game is a sandbox, with no constraints beyond not griefing each other.

How To Join:
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You will need:
A copy of Kerbal Space Program at version 1.3.0: ... e_Program/
A copy of the DMP client ...
RLA Recontinued 14.1.0: ... ad/v14.1.0
Stockalike Station Parts Expansion 0.5.1: ... load/0.5.1
Kerbal Planetary Base Systems 1.5.5: ... load/1.5.5
A Kerbal Faction Name and short (3-5 letter) ticker.
Knowledge of the Server Address and Port: Join the IRC and say "Goatbot KSP?"

Once modded up, start the game, and a new window will be hovering around on the main menu.
Click add
Put in the server name as "Limit Theory". (or any other name you want, this is just a descriptor.
Put in the server address, given to you by Goatbot.
Put in the server port, given to you by Goatbot.
Click Add Server.

Click the new button with the name you gave it (eg "Limit Theory")
Click Connect.

Kerbal Factions

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DSI - Dantalea Space Industries - Zorathex
KES - Kerbal Engineering Society - Silverware
Toba - A Development Dump

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