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Co-op Game Suggestions

So... Here's the thing.

I want to play a co-op game with a person who lives lightyears away from me. And I have a bad laptop.
1.9 GHz, 4.00 GB RAM. I don't think it can handle heavy graphics.
I prefer playing a 2-player co-op with the person, I don't mind pvp.

So, what do you guys suggest?

Re: Co-op Game Suggestions

If you like shooters, the old Rainbow 6 Vegas games are pretty good (not as old as the original Rogue-Spear era!). Years ago, I also played co-op quite a bit on Call of Duty MW2 with a friend, which had a small co-op campaign, for what it's worth.

Warframe is a great cooperative shooter game and not too tough on laptops.

Alien Swarm and similar games are top-down kinda-shoot-em-ups where you each control a single character from a birds-eye view, shooting aliens and fulfilling roles. Magicka is another game in this genre.

There are a number of RTS games where co-op against AI can be a lot of fun, notably Supreme Commander 1/FA/2. Trigger recommends Planetary Annihilation as well, but that may be harder for your laptop to handle.

4X-type games can be played in a co-op framework, notably Stellaris and maybe other Paradox games which work well in this regard. Your computer should be able to handle it as long as your map sizes aren't too big.

I'm not as familiar with co-op platformers, but I'm sure there are some good ones :P oh! Terraria can be played this way, as can Risk of Rain, which has an excellent soundtrack and is not a bad game, as far as anyone can tell, it seems.

Otherwise there are card/party games that are great, but they typically need more than 2 people.

Re: Co-op Game Suggestions

Triggerhappy wrote:
Mon Sep 04, 2017 11:20 am
How does Scy know I was going to suggest PA:T if I removed it from the list before posting?? :V yeah PA:T is awesome but eats FPS
Coz you kinda sold me on it :P I think it's on my wishlist, might grab it next time a sale comes around.

Oh also, Portal 2 has an excellent co-op component. There's lot of content for mods but I'm not sure what the go is with co-op mods.

Re: Co-op Game Suggestions

You live long distances away, thus have bad ping.

So ignore all the people telling you anything that is twitch based.

Factorio is an option.
Starbound is... a little problematic at high pings. But if you are only 300-400ms away from each other and can find a location about 150-200ms from each of you to set up a server at it'd be fine. (you usually dont want more than 200ms ping in anything, believe me I used to play Tremulous at 350ms ping :V )

Crusader Kings 2 with the Game of Thrones mod can be fun.
As can any of the Paradox Development games. :D (if you play as friends :P)

Minecraft is also problematic with high pings, especially if you dont have good data throughput. (both upload and download) as the MP implementation is pretty naive.

RTS games tend to be pretty solid as well.
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