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Helium Rain

This appears to be an X-esque space trading/exploration/tycoon game. You can buy space stations, build a fleet, or just fly around and explore the galaxy. It also appears to have a decent damage model (mentions of various ship subsystems like radiators or engines that you can take out.) All in all it looks quite interesting, if they actually deliver. Right now the game consists of a dozen flyable ships, an actual Newtonian flight model (No arbitrary speed limit :twisted: ), and a dynamic economy. Looks kinda like X or what I would imagine would be LT-lite at the moment.

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Re: Helium Rain

I recently picked up a license on Steam for $15. The game feels a bit light to me in terms of starting difficulty. E.G. In the X series games, getting to the next ship is non-trivial unless you get lucky. Helium Rain gets you into a new ship within the first 45-90 minutes just as a short grind.

As an early access game, I've found it extremely smooth with a strong tutorial - worth picking up for zen space flight or empire building. Be aware that the develop says straight out on their website that they've designed the game for high end systems and Windows only.

Josh: If you happen to read this & if you happen get a chance to try this game - I don't remember if you mentioned you'd be making a tutorial. Helium Rain's optional tutorial is highly effective at encouraging progressive game play in an otherwise "immediate" open-difficulty (high learning curve) environment. A similar type of optional tutorial would probably fit well into a procedurally generated universe, even if only for new players to the genre.

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