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So, some of us got together today for a Limit Theory multiplayer game of Tribes: Vengeance (using the Revengeance download). The hours flew by - before we knew it, an entire five hours had passed, and we were still having incredible amounts of fun. Much laughter was had. I think it's safe to say it's the most fun multiplayer I've ever played. The people there were Cornflakes, Fawkes, Scytale, Mars (Corn's friend), BMRX, and myself... at least until a guy named Fireant joined and put us all to shame. :lol: We were 6v1 on him during one game and we could hardly touch him. It was pretty awesome! He flew all over the map in ways we could only dream of coming close to. Then he called in some of his buddies and we had some (somewhat) more balanced games, before one by one people decided they were too tired to play anymore. (And no wonder, after such a marathon gaming session with such a fast-paced game.) It was great fun, though, and I'm hoping we can get together and do it again soon. :)

Also, I am without a doubt the worst player here. :lol:
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Re: Tribes

And don't forget getting squished on the ground or walls or bridges when you were skiing too fast with not enough HP left ^^

It really was some seriously great fun and Tal is selling himself short here. I'm quite sure he'll pack some serious punch once he plays through the SP as an exercise. :lol:
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