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Re: Steam Autumn Sale 2016

Arclite wrote:I hear This War of Mine is unrelentingly bleak.
Try Unrelentingly unrelentingly bleak.
It needs the second unrelentingly to properly portray it. :D
Worth playing though.

Baile nam Fonn wrote:
Arclite wrote:Pregnancy in Rimworld: You just want to see those little blobs humping away, don't you. DON'T YOU? :P
Bed-sharing colonists have been in-game for a while now, and yes, they have lovin' interactions too.
All animal life in the game, wild and domestic, can reproduce.
There's primitive, modern, even future medicine. Blood-relations between colonists.

With all of this, why are these little blobs denied the sweet cries of a new-born from their own loins, heralding hope when it is needed most?
I don't think it would be a hard thing to mod in, as Animals already breed.
But remember Dwarf Fortress? Children there are a pain in the everything.
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Re: Steam Sale Time!

Lum wrote:I did it yesterday. I don't know any of these Saint's Row games, but in my GoG-Library it is :ghost:
GTA but not taking itself serious at all.

GTA has mechanics that are derpy but story that acts like its serious.

SR3 and later (the ones i played) have stories like 70's/80's sci-fi action series (eg Knight Rider) and have mechanics to match.
And it gets only worse with the progress of the series.
Spoiler:      SHOW
SR3 has a helicarrier, govt agencies with laser rifles and fart in a glass as grenades.
SR4 has aliens invading earth and you defeating them.
SR4.5 (gat out of hell) has you attack hell with a two person team and kick the devils ass out of hell :ghost:

Re: Steam Sale Time!

barring any recent patch I do not know of, Saints Row 2 suffers from timing problems on Windows 7 (I do not know about 8 and 10).
As it turns out, Win7 does not make use of the High Performance Event Timer (HPET) device, but uses the Instructions Counter of the CPU. This generates serious timing issues with some old games, like SR2.

You can force Win7 to use the HPET by means of Microsoft's BCDEdit.exe command-line utility (google is your friend). It takes Admin priviledges, 3 minutes of your time, and a system reboot. The change is permanent until explicitly reverted by you. In case you wonder, the HPET device should be standard issue of every mainboard manufactured since year 2005. Just make sure that the device is enabled from within the BIOS, because it might be turned Off.

Re: Steam Sale Time!

Dinosawer wrote:Steam, GOG and Humble all have Star Wars sales because May the 4th and stuff.
Got SW Battlefront II because BMRX said I should, as well as KOTOR 1 and 2. :)
Finally gotta buy "Republic Commando" and "Battlegrounds" for about 5$ total. :D
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