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Fort Triumph

I was stumbling around Faceache, bored out of my tiny mind by the endless procession of post about Jeremy Corbyn, inspiration quotes (note how only your unsuccessful friends post them) and photographs of my friends kids, when a 'Recommended post' popped up.

Usually, these are shit. No, I'm not a fan of Morrissey. No, I don't want to buy a Nissan Micra. No, I'm not a vegan.

But this, this was interesting. It was a link to Kickstarter! And a game that piqued my interest... Fort Triumph.

Looks like a rather spiffy X-COM clone, except it's got a fantasy setting instead of guns and stuff. I gave the demo a whirl and opened my infernal coffers... :twisted:

Linkee! There are only a few days left, so give it a whirl quickly. :squirrel:

Re: Fort Triumph

Some further feedback from my squirrelly self.. The demo really is worth a try.

1. The soundtrack is pretty badass.

2. I'd liken the combat to XCOM crossed with Divinity: Original Sin. You've got the two move, one move shoot thingy system and cover from XCOM, but with all the crazy environmental interaction from Divinity... I kicked a bit of scenery at an enemy who'd been kiting me around the battlefield. It stunned him, enabling me to get around behind him and clobber him. Awesome.

I also killed goblins that were laying siege to a village by... Um... Burning the village to the ground. The occupants were all dead anyhow :twisted:

3. Spiffy procedural levels! Never fight the same battle twice!

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