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Re: Nier Automata

Hey Faey! Welcome to having a postcount! :wave: If you liked the original Nier, you'll probably love Nier: Automata, I think. I've heard the gameplay is very similar, just better thought-out and polished. No spoilers, but it actually manages to bring back some of the original characters too. So, that's something to look forward to for when you get a better PC/console. :) (I would personally absolutely recommend Nier: Automata)
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Re: Nier Automata

Thank you for the welcome, I may have been lurking for awhile waiting for LT updates >.> (glad they're finally coming in)
Definitely planning on getting Automata when I can (It's going to take awhile). Was mostly posting to recommend the original for those who either liked Automata.

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