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Re: Ealdorlight (from Sol Trader's dev)

So the campaign is done. Didn't hit the goal, but a number of positives and lessons to draw out of the experience.

I'm running a very short survey to decide what's next for Ealdorlight. Please would you mind filling it out? I'm especially interested if you didn't actually back the project!

Fill in survey and help decide what's next for Ealdorlight and me

I'm going to pause work on Ealdorlight to figure out what I should do. Without budget for a proper team, I'm not going to be able to do the game justice in its current form. I may choose to cut design, scope and the art requirements right down to a simpler game.

In the meantime, my game development time will be focused on Sol Trader. The core history generation and AI engine will always be shared between the two games, and I was always planning on improving this further during the development of Ealdorlight. Working on Sol Trader's core engine makes it a better game, serves my existing Kickstarter backers, and solidifies the platform on which I can build Ealdorlight in future.

Thanks for all the support and the shoutouts, it's meant the world to me.

Maker of Sol Trader and Ealdorlight

Re: Ealdorlight (from Sol Trader's dev)

Just tells us that the crowd source market isn't as interested in getting in early as they seem.

Suggestion: Build the gameplay out, don't shrink the scope. Get a working game (without pretty graphics). Try again.

Ealdorlight has immense promise, and if you can get a working alpha level game out, even if it doesn't have the full scope or graphics, you might get better results from the kickstarter.

Throw a greenlight program up for it (if you can still do that, I have no idea the requirements for that) this will at least expose a little of the game on steam.

You could even try a different crowd source platform, doing early-access instead. Anyone who buys could simply get access to the current build, and help you build out the game. You could still do the various items as extras, I really want to get a Mechanical Goat collectible into the game. :P

Re: Ealdorlight (from Sol Trader's dev)

chrismdp wrote:
Mon Sep 11, 2017 3:00 am
Thanks for the support!

I've taken the summer off gamedev to figure out what to do. At the moment I'm trying to save some money to perhaps be able to restart development later in the year - either on this game or another idea. I'll be sure to let you know what happens!

I hope you enjoyed your summer, Chris. :) I'm also hoping you won't be giving up on Ealdorlight as it showed great promise even though it didn't get the widespread support it deserved. I will certainly be happy to read about your renewed adventure in the world of game development.

Get back on that horse! :angel:

Re: Ealdorlight (from Sol Trader's dev)

Please keep us informed of your ideas and progression.
I know I personally loved the idea and scope of Ealdorlight, and can see exactly how hard that would be to build and sell.
However you have shown us (with Sol Trader) that games revolving around more social mechanics can indeed work well.
And I expect that, with a little effort and some opinion polling, you could easily surpass Sol Trader's current success with your future work.

Can't wait to see what you are starting now. :D

Re: Ealdorlight (from Sol Trader's dev)

I'm just pleased to see you posting here again, Chris. :D I read your blog and what you had to say made sense to me... but I'm no game developer. I know talent when I see it though. I had no idea of the financial burden the failure of the Kickstarter had caused you, which reveals to some extent my lack of knowledge concerning the costs involved in such a venture.

I was, however, well aware of how the failure had hit you in human terms. :(

I'd like to think that you would call on this Community for any assistance you require in your attempt to move forward and past this disappointment. I'm sure Flatfingers and others would be willing to offer you some of their gems of wisdom on the subject.

I share Silverware's anticipation concerning your next venture, Chris, and, as always, you have my support in whatever you decide to do. :angel:

:shifty: Of course, I still want my physical version of whatever that is and preferably in a nice box with quality artwork. ;)

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