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Re: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Silverware wrote:
MrPerson wrote:You could always play the Medieval II: Total War mod called "Third Age: Total War" on moddb, I have sunk 300 hours into that mod alone probably, AND you can either defend or siege moria if you so desire, though the map is fairly simple. (gives a great income bonus too due to mithril :D )

Be careful of the Balrog, though a good few ballista rounds through it usually finishes the job. (its a mod, only so much they can do)
Those guys should use the Warhammer: Total War game to make the Third Age mod LV
Think they've been done modding for a while, don't think TA:TW has had an update since like 2013. Plus, you can't mod the actual campaign map layout in TW:W, also I think its against some EULA to make total conversion mods for TW:W or something.

Would have been awesome if it was possible.

Re: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

MrPerson wrote: also I think its against some EULA to make total conversion mods for TW:W or something.
PSA: EULA's mean squat if what's in it isn't legal, and you have the legal right to do with your software whatever the hell you want. The worst they can do is refuse to support you if your mod manages to break your installation, or not let you play MP with a modded game.

Semi-related tidbit: at least in the US, "warrant void if removed" stickers don't void your warranty if removed.
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Re: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Anyways, played "Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor", really like the game, the fighting system, and will highly likely play the new game.

Btw: Is it just me or did the whole animation set for climbing in "Shadow of Mordor" look like it was 1:1 copied from Assassins Creed?
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Re: Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Y'all heard the bad news? Loot chests. -.-
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