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War for the Overworld (not to be confused with OverLOAD)

So...let's backtrack a bit.

In my childhood I was a big fan of Dungeon Keeper. I played that games for a ridiculous amount of time (well, besides the time I used for "Star Craft", "Age of Empires 2", "Empire Earth" and "Conflict: Free Space"...aaah...what a time that was...anyways) and I was sad when I lost the CD somewhere sometimes (I^m sure Billy from 3 class stole it. Seriously, frak Billy) and at that time I didn't know about the internet-pirates (hah).

So, with time I forgot about this game. Didn't even remember the name. But after some time there was this game in the AppShop (yeahyeah, shame on me, I use Apple) called "Dungeon Keeper" and aaaall the memories came back. Downloaded it, played it, was total crap. Like, seriously. If you ever thought the waiting time in some browser games for finishing building something were long, didn't play THIS game.

Try building your big dungeon when it takes 2 frakking DAYS to remove A SINGLE block of stone. Ooor (heh, EA is a smart publisher, isn't it?) you could by some "gems" to speed stuff up. With real money of course. And they were RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE (wouldn't have bought them anyways, but still...). You could spend around 120 BUCKS ON THIS APP FOR THIS STUPID GEMS! WELL DONE EA!!!

But enough of the rant.

I was desperate to get the familiar Dungeon Keeper feel again. So I searched the Internet. Downloaded the Original Dungeon Keeper Game and the sequel to it. But the resolution was tiny, the textures were bad (yeahyeah, I know. I said "who cares about graphics") and you could just feel the age of the game.

BUT THEN, THE MIGHTY HERO OF ALL DUNGEON KEEPER FANS EMERGED! A company called "Brightrock Games" brought out a Beta of a game called "Overworld". And it was great. And a plain copy of "Dungeon Keeper 2". Like, for real. And they didn't even denied it. They said, that they wanted to rise the old "Dungeon Keeper (2)" feeling again. And worked.

Which brings us o the presence:
The game has released, it's now called "War for the Overworld", it's available on steam for 29.- Bucks (EU currency, price from the 09.03.2017) and it is really fun to play. And it has a "very positive" rating.

So, yeah. Check it out. It's a really great game. Or did you already play it? What are your thoughts?
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Re: War for the Overworld (not to be confused with OverLOAD)

That Thread-Title might be a lil bit confusing, seeing as this is about WftO. ;)

Ahh, Dungeon Keeper :) (BTW; I never played DK2 or Deeper Dungeons, so please bear with me on some aspects!)

Good Times indeed. I too was quite excited about the upcoming release of WftO and I bought it shortly after release.

It's a good game, feeling like the old Dungeon Keeper especially in the beginning. Nice maps, time to build stuff, leveling creatures, building traps and so on and so on.

But (in my opinion) it went a slightly different path pretty fast...Instead of lots of space to dig stuff out and fortify yourself, the game gave me pretty open maps. Big, open caves, lots of chasms, water and such things. I had to play around a bit, instead of building a Dungeon as I liked it I had to look where was even space to build the rooms so they created the tools for them to work. That lead to many many 3x3 Rooms scattered all around.

That, coupled with a kind of "We give you 10 minutes or so and then start sending enemies via those unclosable ways until the map ends"-Situation made me...pretty much rush through most of the maps. It was quite hectic at times. There were some different map types around though, those helped quite a bit with bringing a lot more joy into the game. But I won't spoiler them here in case you buy the game.

Regarding the overall Style and Feel of the game...While I never played DK2 myself, I watched my Neighbour a number of times playing...So I can say that WftO looks a lot like DK2.

It's colorful and...kind of... ... to say it...rubber-ducky-ish? It looked like it wanted to be a bit to say it X.X

It lacks the dark and broody Atmosphere that DK1 had. And also the overall feel of Evil...I often threw the heroes into the Torture chamber for Conversion while thinking something along the lines of "Meh, another one. More enemies coming. What's this doing? What's happening there." and forgetting about it right after instead of the "Muhuhahahaha! Suffer, little Hero!" I had in DK1.

So tldr: It feels a lot more like DK2 than DK1. It's fun to play though. There's stuff being added, and overall the maintenance is pretty good. Definitely a nice Idea when on sale. :)

(After I played it for a good time I got distracted by a lot of different things. So my Knowledge is a bit dated. Sorry)
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Re: War for the Overworld (not to be confused with OverLOAD)

Scytale wrote:I love the new title, it's a bit surreal
It looks...silly? But yeah, my fault. I wrote the title before I wrote the post. ANd while searching for the cover, I figured out it was called "War for the Overworld" and not simply "Overworld". Changed it within the post, but well...not in the title.

PS. Gazz, I like your profile picture. :D
Automation engineer, lateral thinker, soldier, addicted to music, books and gaming.
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Flatfingers wrote: 23.01.2017: "Show me the smoldering corpse of Perfectionist Josh"

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