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As Dino has pointed out there is already a thread for this game as I got the name wrong when I searched to see if there was already one before making the post, feel free to delete/merge.
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Re: StarWanderer

Wait, I thought we had a SkyWanderers Post?

Me and Corn both have Alpha access to it.
Game is freaking awesome so far, and the next major release ( which we dont have access to yet ) looks awesome.
Flatfingers wrote:
Wed Jul 19, 2017 10:04 pm
Their eyes are much too pretty. :lol:

Also, did anyone else notice the TIE fighter in the hangar?

Slightly more seriously, this looks interesting. I'm just confused about which things are built out of voxels and which aren't.
Main blocks are Voxels, then on voxels you can put smaller bricks, which are mostly voxel-like.
Sorta like the difference between large lego bricks and small lego pieces. In fact lego is what inspired it.
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