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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

Postby F4wk35 » Wed May 17, 2017 9:50 am

1st of Granite, Year 104


You just know that something terrible happened when overseer Saoirse wakes you up like that.
Even if my name is certainly not "Fawkes", even if she insists (I should put some fertilizer in Urist McFreud's bed for this.)

So, Saoirse here, in my room.

...Telling me that the last year is over and I'm supposed to take over as overseer now.
Apparently Fawkes should've taken over (You're dead! Stop giving me troubles!). And as his "replacement"...I'm supposed to continue the tradition of the changing overseer every year. (That certainly explains the despaired outcries every winter...)

It's actually pretty easy...writing reports, keeping check of our food, keeping us safe, improving the fortress and so on. I imagined it to be worse! BY ARMOK! WHO BUILT THIS?!?
Next was a proper walk through the fortress. It's incredible how much you missed when you only went to the tavern, the fields and your room every day...

Ah...so this is Hawkspears...
Let me just correct something I wrote earlier...
By Armok! 155 dwarves and only 832 drinks?? Also almost no wood left??

As I came past our trading depot, a concerned dwarf stopped me.
"The traps that were placed under overseer Saoirse might block the wagons of the caravans!"
Why didn't he tell her right awa- He's clutching a pudding in his hands...that explains it.
Much to do, I see.

OOC: Ok, I'll try to do my best with the writing here, and wow! This looks exciting!
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

Postby F4wk35 » Thu May 18, 2017 11:16 am

2nd of Granite, Year 104

Trade depot blocked by traps, a pile of corpses right in front of our entrance, vomit everywhere. Impressive! Let's see what we can do about that.


As those traps are actually a pretty good idea, I think I'll leave them there and just build another trade depot. Sadly, there's not really much space close to our entrance and the stockpiles, but we can do that, right?

The problem with the drinks was already taken on by Saoirse, as well as the shortage of usable logs, if the records are anything to go by. I'll just tell some dwarves to get that done right away.

On another note: Children! Right at the start of the year! Rejoice!


I have no idea who the proud mother is, but congratulations anyway!

3rd of Granite, Year 104

More babies! If it continues like that we'll be flooded with toddlers!


9th of Granite, Year 104

It's been a while since I last had a relaxed meal at the tavern, someone would always come to me for something! But I guess that's an overseer's job.
So I sit there, chatting with Saoirse about our production of pudding, just as one of the many dogs running around in our tavern jumps up on the table, eats my meal (!) and almosts knocks Saoirse's pudding on the floor! Nothing really serious happened, but when I (admittedly a bit jokingly) mentioned how I wanted every single dog locked up somewhere far away, she jumped up with a determined look, grabbed her pickaxe and rushed off.

I really can't complain about her enthusiasm...
But to help her calm down I'll improve our farms a bit more so we can serve her even more flavours of pudding! For safety.

15th of Granite, Year 104

An elven caravan! It would be great if they brought something useful for once...perhaps some giant war animals? Let's see...I'm sure they don't mind walking through the (not more long) forest we designated for felling. And if they complain? There are still enough trees outside for them. Even some really warm ones with that great, warm water around them. I'll definitely tell them about this!
What do even have for trading...some statues, I guess? And mugs!

20th of Granite, Year 104

I have no clue what this is about. But I clap my hands anyway. Can't hurt. (Who is that guy?? What did he do?? ...I...just ignore him until he says something. Good plan!)

24th of Granite, Year 104

We finally got everything to the depot! Now we'll see how useful the elves are...
Not very useful...but a few animals would do our food good. I'll definitely buy that bear, the panda and the cougar. Sadly no breeding pair. Not really sure if I should order the animals butchered immediately or wait with that until next year...perhaps we can get a breeding pair then...

Grown armor, grown weapons, clothes, toys, instruments. Do the elves really have nothing useful aside from their ani- FRUIT!

Just letting our broker finish the deals, when -


New migrants! Great! We'll need those additional hands!

Also, the designated bit of forest in the north? It's gone! :D


...That's a lot of migrants...
18 Migrants! Some specialists, some peasants and...Ilral...that's one versatile dwarf. Dear Armok!

1st of Slate, Year 104

Apparently we had a ghost around for a while...can we make him our mascot?

8th of Slate, Year 104

The unending trails of vomit, left behind by our haulers worries me to no end. That stuff is really hard to wash out of your socks! I have a general idea what to do about that though...still needs some thinking...I'll let our miners dig some exploratory tunnels deep underground in the meantime. We're low on metals...and some bedrooms for our migrants. I have no clue how many bedrooms we already have...but more can't hurt...right?

28th of Slate, Year 104

It's been almost 2 months now. I think I got used to my new job sufficiently now.
Let's see...Wood shortage, solved so far, farms improved (Even though we have problems with our farms built for overground plants...perhaps I have to order new ones made...)

Saoirse did a great job with our new pen for the dogs! We finally got around to count them and decided to butcher most of the adult dogs. The meat is a welcome resource. Our food reserves increase every day!

Strangely though, our bookkeeper ignores the animals we bought from the elves...I know the elves are mostly annoying, but that's quality meat there! Just give us a chance to get at it already!

The new bedrooms make great progress already, soon I will order a number of beds and cabinets made.

Regarding the vomit problem...I think about an outside sculpture garden above the steep slopes of our volcano, roofed with glass and adorned with only our most beautiful statues. Sadly we lack glass for the roof...and I also don't know yet how to organize the cleaning...perhaps with lava from the mountain...?
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

Postby F4wk35 » Wed May 24, 2017 10:02 am

3rd of Felsite, Year 104
A grand sculpture garden, filled with our finest masonry and cleaned with the mountains blood! With a roof made of clear glass so we can enjoy it even when it rains and snows! I'd have to figure out an easy way to collect and channel the lava first, though. Which might not be all that easy, seeing how closely Hawkspears was built to the volcano.

12th of Felsite, Year 104
Curses! Soil! Right where I wanted a masterfully engraved hallway leading to our sculpture garden!
Perhaps we can do something with that...putting a - HAH! This might even work out fine! Very good!

25th of Felsite, Year 104
Those humans! Never paying attention to where they're going! Almost running me over today.
I hope they don't start breaking things...really, drunk humans are horrible! Especially when they drink our share of the beer! But I guess we have enough for now.

1st of Hematite, Year 104
Summer has come already? Time flies! There's so much to do!
Also, our militia seems to go fine at the moment. I still hope we don't need them.

10th of Hematite, Year 104
Progress on the sculpture garden is slowly being made!


Here I will have a checkered or otherwise pleasant-to-look-at pattern laid down. The floor will turn to the right over the abyss where we will build a platform in the air from where we can look over the whole region!
Above the walkway, the lava from the volcano will be led along, for cleaning, safety and a nice heating during cold winter days!

I do hope though, that the goblins won't attack until we closed of the openings in our fortress...
I also have to admit that this is my first time with, even remotely, handling a volcano. But I am confident that we can do this!

13th of Hematite, Year 104
Another good day to work on the garden! And eating pudding! And drinking a beer made of the plants I harvested myself! Ahh, it's a go-


I-I just g-g-got a message from a dwarf busting into my room.
A m-m-monstrosity has appeared!
What should we do?!? What can we do?!? Oh Armok, I'll panic any moment!
I-I-I *Ink splatters everywhere*
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